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Name: Trish Lynch
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Notes: Warning:Talking to this developer may leave your mind twisted, wondering about issues of life, death, sexual orientation, gender identity, leather, and mental institutions. Queer as f--k, not for the weak.

Disposition: An MtB (male-to- butch), Leather, Woman, Queer-as-f--k, and just generally geeky. Gee, not strange at all.

Vocation:Former OSDN (formerly Network Architect

Previous Contributor to Slashdot

Ecartis/Listar Core Team Member

FreeBSD contributor

BSD Advocate

Previous Devil's Advocate Author in Open Magazine

Emmy Award winner for ABC Enhanced TV's Celebrity Mole: Yucatan Interactive Application Life: I'm a contributor to Open Source in many ways, being involved with FreeBSD, being involved with Listar's steering "Core Team", having been the BSD section person on Slashdot, and I used to write the BSD advocacy column for Open Magazine. I'm currently in a resting state, as I have way too much on my plate already. I have gotten married, dovorced, had a kid, and life has changed. A lot.

Hobbies: Well, besides all the computer and open source related stuff I do, I'm a actually a prolific musician, I write music ranging from folk , to rock, to progressive rock, to jazz. I'm hoping to start recording my album around April sometime, so I'll probably be writing a bit about this in my diary. I'm not interested in making money off music, so it will all be downloadable free off one of my sites, in a modified BSD-like music license, the terms of which I don't have exactly written, but its kindof like this:

Copyright 2001, Trish Lynch

This music may be freely-redistributed free- of charge.

Samples may be taken, modification may be made, covers may be played, recordings may be sold, as long as the original copyright notice and this license are included with any hard material given, ,bought, or sold, and digital media contains this information at the distribution site.

The Copyright holder may not be held accountable if you hate it, think it sucks, or it drives your girl/boyfriend away from you.

Current Vocation: I run my own company, Tridisha Networks


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Its been an amazingly long time since posting. I have started to get back involved with open source, computing in general. During the time I was mostly out of the loop, I won an Emmy for interactive television, I got married, had a kid, and now I'm getting divorced. My leadership skills have taken me into another arena.

Life... is definitely busy.

So I know its been a long time since I posted here, and to be honest, I'm not sure how often I will be doing so.

I want to address something that happened very recently that has caused me to want to leave the FreeBSD community. In fact I pretty much have, except for the local user group.

I have been the target of attacks vs. my gender,my sexual orientation and my character on the FreeBSD lists, in which nobody has stepped forward to speak out against that sort of thing.

(except flata, but in her livejournal)

Its sad really, considering that there are several transpeople in the BSD communities, and plenty of gay people. So much for accepting eh?

Ok, so anyway, WebFirst turned me down, who knows why....

My references were sterling, I know that much....

Anyway, Camelot is getting off the ground, so I won;t need a FT job, I hope...

Other news... Angela is pregnant...which is a miracle, for those that know me, you know the story.... so I'm gonna be a Mommy :) Wish me luck!


Waiting: So I'm waiting to hear back from WebFirst, a small company in Rockville. Sounds like interesting work, and I'd get to do a little more development than I've been used to in previous jobs. I know my references are pretty good (Thanks Kurt, Yazz, Steve Westmoreland), so I don;t see it as being a problem. I just want to start working ASAP.

If that doesn;t work out, I've got a contract doing some code and architecture review for a company that does software for a few large telecommunications companies. So that could pan out to be kind of lucrative, but the deal hasn;t been signed yet, and I'll find out more tomorrow on that. It sucks that I can have such a sterling resume, and have a difficult time finding a job. I think its because of my location. Too much gummint work here in Maryland. And no company is willing to sponsor Gummint Clearance nowadays, takes too long, and you lose money paying someone to sit on the bench for 3-18 months while the process happens. 2 years ago, no problem. This year, no way. *sigh*

Update: So its been a long time, I left OSDN in November, been struggling to get a small business off the ground with minimal startup, working more on Ecartis, and pretty much doing the same-old, same-old.

We moved to Maryland in Dec, and Angela and I are engaged to be married on Feb 2nd, 2003.

Besides that *shrug* not much happening

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