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Well, I'm now an ardent advocate of open source... I just need to help the community in some way. I've got an idea I'm working on. We'll see how it develops!


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Wow... 2 months. But I'm still here!

I now run Gentoo Linux on my machine. It runs great for now, although I tend to do my "emerges" before going to bed. :)

People complain that emerge distances the user from the machine and that newbies are excited because they're compiling stuff where they're doing nothing but run a script. It's true, but anything to make sure newbies don't go back to windows, eh?

I for one didn't switch back this time. It's about the 10th time I try out linux and one every previous attempt, I switched back to Microsoft Windows the following month. So two months for me is a record and that shows how much linux has matured.


I'd like to start a business dealing with open source software. I'd like it to be community based, like a cooperative with members, but also to service the open source community. I'm gathering my ideas these days and I'll see where that idea goes. I'll talk more about it when I'm ready. In the meantime, I'll keep coding in c# for my boss' closed source, highly expensive software! :(

So much happened to me while the server was down and I badly needed to write something here. Where's a good friendly server when you need it, huh? :)


Well I first configured my linux box to a confortable level. Nice resolution, nice refresh rate, good old french canadian keyboard layout. It wasn't that easy, I'm still pretty much a newbie running Debian!

Corporate World

I was in a total shock after seeing The Corporation, an I still am. The only hope I have is that I know I can do something to help our society.

After much thought, I took the decision that I will start an open source business. How, when, what will it do? No great idea yet. I'm still a little green behind the ears and need to educate myself a little more. I need to refine my ideas and then create a business model that'll allow me to eat everyday. Their is a way, and I'll find it.

The basis for my business is to manage to harness the power of the community. Hey, maybe I'll write an article on that later!

Word puzzle

I'm writing a educational game for my wife for her master's degree in educational technologies. It's basically a story with mixed words and you have to put them back in order. Very simple. Once done, I'll make it open source. There, that'll be my first contribution ever!

The Corporation

I saw the documentary "The Corporation" yesterday and I recommend it to anyone. It's a big eye opener on the sad state of Corporate America (and Canada too).

Being that corporations are considered "legal persons" in front of the law, the same caracteristics that you find in psycopaths can be also found in corporations, namely incapacity to experience guilt, no respect for others, etc...

My own thoughts

I've always wondered how corporations would find the means to keep growing. In today's economy, corporations exist for the sole purpose of making their shareholders make money. They also have to keep growing, making profits quarter after quarter. They also have to keep a growth percentage month after month!

Take Microsoft for exemple, they saturated the market. How can they possibly get bigger?

Well, the documentary gave me a glimpse of the future. In my opinion, it starts with convergance (spelling?). Microsoft, with it's rebranded Palladium and with it's .Net platform, are in the process of rewriting their software so we can use it with a monthly fee. How? With web services! I remember hearing about that years ago, and it's finaly becoming true.

With everyone hooked to their product and paying a monthly subscription fee, that ought give their revenues a big boost. Oh, how the shareholders will be happy!

Ranting about it is not gonna change a thing!

which is why I'll stop.

I use linux now. I intend to be a part of the open source movement, which is one front of the "war" against corporations in general. We have to be an alternative, because one day, everything will be owned by a company.

Is there such a thing as an open-company, one that is controled, not by greedy shareholders, but by the community?

Hmmm... that's a thought.

Okay, need to go to work to help my boss make money! :)

Gotta go! I'll post something soon!

hub: Hey, I'm from Montreal, Quebec. Good luck with immigration! I'm going through the process myself, being married to an American.

What a day

I almost reached a milestone today in my project at work today. I told my boss, and he's expecting a demo tomorrow. Right after he left, I found a major bug that could take a while to fix. I feel like I was running the last few meters (or yards) of a marathon and discovering I had two miles left.

Oh well...


Mono beta 1 is out! I think the .Net platform is great and to see it coming to life on Linux is even greater! Good job to those who worked on it. I can't wait to use it! I can't wait to help!

At least, the first step to becoming a helper is completed. Linux is installed and working! :)


Lots to read... Not feeling confortable with it yet. Psychologists should right about the Linux Culture Shock... You know, just like when you travel. The first thing you experience is awe. Everything is a new extrordinary experience. Then comes the depression (usually when most people quit and go back home... or Windows). Finally, you adapt.

I'm at step 1!

good evening to all!

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