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The only known virtual slave as a result of a loophole in the emancipation act (circa. Jan 1st 1863)

Internet services expert

Previously worked for IBM's Global Network at the EMEA/AP central services centre, where I looked after all EMEA/AP customer services (covering: DNS / Firewall / email / routing / security/ IBM internal service utilities / DHCP / HACMP) which was sold off to AT&T. Worked with AT&T for 8 months in the same role after which, I was so dissillusioned that I took a job with Red Hat Inc. instead.

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Please note: These are my personal thoughts and are NOT the views of my employers. For people that want to use these scribblings for news articles regarding Red Hat, please, please, please contact the good people in Red Hat's PR group *first*


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16 Nov 2002 (updated 16 Nov 2002 at 11:57 UTC) »

Oct 23 - Nov 16

Right, Ok,.. so I'm seriously lacking in keeping the diary up to date.

Summary: Been doing various campaigns crawling up various mountains in the area. (Gawd but was I unfit when I started). Have lost a lot of weight (thank god) but still need to loos a hell of a lot more (wail).

Obviously been touring the tourist traps around the province. Some good, some downright outragous in prices. Seems the head of the tourist board here just got severely slapped down for some highly dubious misspending over a long period of years, and rightly so when you go out and start looking for the tourist board information on the province. I could do a significantly better job by myself after a few weekends and with a better camera.

Finally go all the components for my personal machine sorted out. I don't ned it just yet, but I think I'll up the memmory to 2Gb when I have some cash to play with and look into water cooling the CPU though it's relatively quiet as is. Might get an exhaust muffler for the PSU though even if it is very quiet already.. Got the second of the ICY dock systems (removable HD system) installed so I moved one of the 3 disks I had off the onboard promise raid controller onto the onboard ICH4 controller for two reasons. 1) you can't boot off a disk on the secondary controller 2) linux is currently only handling that promise controller and disk at udma2 speeds instead of udma5 (though the maxtor can do this mysterious UDMA6). I cna get about 40Mb/s off both disks similtaniously now and about 47Mb/s singly (they're both on the same channel because the CD rom is on the other channel and locks the IO system to udma2).

BT finally came through and I got the boadband connection I'd been hoping for (512K download/256K upload). Unfortunately they sent me a USB ADSL modem which look a while to find all the appropriate software for for linux use, so I had been stuck for a few days using WinXP to searc out the appropriate kit. (Sidenote for BT broadband folk using the BT voyager USB ADSL modem, you want to grab the latest eciadsl kit (personally I built it from the tarball theough you might like to use the prebuilt rpm/deb packages). Pretty well the worst that you'll have to handle is the script which you need to run in the X11 enviroment being a Tcl/tk application though there is also a script for text only use. Just wander down through the options. The only tricky bit being the VPI and VCI settings which for BT are 0 and 38 respectively).

24 Oct 2002 (updated 24 Oct 2002 at 03:24 UTC) »


Ordered up the case for the P4 and while I was at it I ordered up these rather nifty looking drive caddies. (Heck I've splashed out on a decent machine, I might as well as make it presentable 8)

Finally, the bank has shoved all the cheques I sent over 2 weeks ago back into the account. I dread that I've an overpayment of $320 from the car repayments thats winging it's way over here that I'm going to have to send back to be cashed at the bank. US banks obviously are overly happy to electronically deduct from your account but either charge a whopping fortune or don't have the ability to reverse an incorrect transfer. Sometimes I think the whole US economy is hidden in the US post.

Got my phone bill from BT,.. 100 UKP *groan* Hopefully this isn't an omen of worse to come.

Nipped down the road to get a soundcard and modem for Rosemary's home computer at PC World. After having my second close study of the store, I did finally find a copy of RHAT 8.0 lurking on a shelf for a meer 168 UKP (profesional edition) oddly *just* cheaper than microsoft's XP home edition. Anyway the HW choice was rather limited so just picked up a 4.1 soundcard and a zoom V.92 modem and headed on home through the deluge of rain.

Popped online to discover that ZenIIIb had almost run out of disk space. Bugger. So much for sorting out the new kernel for ZenII today.

Later on poped over to Rosemary's place and retired the old ISA winmodem card and the ISA soundcard with the nice shiney 4.1 PCI soundcard which went on straightforwardly. Had a minor complication in that the Internet Explorer that was on the machine was bust and wouldn't run so left that downloading and installed IE6 to get around that problem. Anyway Rosemary is happy that the machine now 'just works'. No special fiddling, it just does what it's meant to, and you can't really ask for much more than that.

Back home checked up in the progress of various orders and sorted out the diary. I shouldn't leave it a week at a time.


Still raining,. no change there.

My motherboard, memory and CPU turned up today. The motherboard is wonderful it's got everything and a *spare* kitchen sink. Actually the board is rather colourful and a lot more featured than I'd expected with connectors for smart card readers, memory stick readers and secure data memory readers. If I could find the hardware I'd probably use them. The SPDIF/RCA/5.1 audio is a bit of a bonus. all in all a very nice board

Had fun trying to get the heatsink attached to the board. It was kinda tight but it's fixed nice and snuggly now. I was tempted to try and get some silver thermal compound but the Intel docs sugested that the thermal tape supplied was the best item to use. I'm still temped to get the silver thermal compound though.

Spent most of the morning/afternoon just tinkering with module code and iddly musing over what size case I should use with the board. I didn't order a case with the original order becaus I wanted to have a feel for what physical restrictions the CPU would make. Based on it's positioning and height, I think I can get away with a midi sized case rather than having to go all the way for a full tower.

Popped over to Rosmary's place to finish out the fixup of her machine only to discover that the soundcard was ancient and did not have Win2K drivers for it. Bugger. Also the internal modem was a win modem that appears to have fried probably through a lightning strike. Disaster. Couldn't do diddly squat. I felt a right chump as I should have spotted that right off yesterday. I probably would have had I not been yakking away trying to catch up with the local events over the last few years. Oh well 8/. Explained to John and Rosemary what was wrong and why it wouldn't work. Told them I'd nip out tomorrow and get replacement equipment to sort it all out.

Back home watched with a little pride/satisfaction as ZenII passed it's first uptime birthday
12:14am up 365 days, 0 min, 60 users, load average: 0.28, 0.28, 0.54

Now I guess we'll sort out an updated kernel for it since it's been running the 2.2 kernel I modified last year. Rmk and myself are wondering if the machine will successfully reboot after being up for so long and what mysterious anomolies will pop up after rebooting. It'll take us a couple of days to agree on a decent 2.4 kernel and options. Fun fun fun.


Had to call up and hassled the credit card company to lift the block they'd placed against my CPU/Motherboard/memory order. Took ages to get through their not so intuative automated call referal system. Anyway, got that sorted and Dabs have procesed the order. Thankfully they even had the motherboard already restocked so I shouldn't have to wait 3 days for restocking. Excellent.

At the same time also finished ordering up a nice multi region/region free/RCE/RCA/macovision free DVD player that could also do NTSC/PAL conversion internaly that was the very all important... BLACK. I cannot stress how annoyed I was that no one was selling black DVD players. Worse I had to buy it from the US in the end, not locally. So much for the local economy. Oh well, obviously I don't represent the DVD player market.

Popped into town to get some magazines and messages. I dunno why, but the town feels slightly run down, despite being one of the big commercial trade centres being on the router between Belfast and Dublin. I think Newry could do with a mini army of traffic wardens actually but thats just a personal observation.

Remembered to call up BT and ask about broadband access on the new number that I'd gotten installed last week. Bugger,.. dispite the website from claiming I should be able to get it, I can't 8/
All my personal bias aside, I have to say BT have been doing a rather poor job of rolling out broadband across the country. Thats what we get for privitizing a government asset as a state blessed monopoly. OFTEL who are suposed to oversee BT's monopolistic practives seems to be highly ineffectual (Did a good bit of digging around in the public records).

Remembered I was supposed to trip over to Rosmary's place and sort out her networking problems on her laptop and home computer. In the end I only got done with the laptop and briefly started into the desktop only to discover that I needed driver disks which naturally weren't available. Made a note of the hardware/model numbers for to look it up at home and grab the correct installation software for tomorrow. Got sidetracked into chatting about the wedding and all the catching up of what had been going on ever since I'd been in the US.


Rain,.. and lots of it.
Turned over and went back to sleep.

Made an effort to wake up by 13:00. Still raining. Some flooding on the road so we're cut off from the main road for the meantime.

Did a little aggressive cleaning out of a few drawers in an effort to increase what little space I have in the bedroom. Some success but I'm at saturation point. I just don't think I can make any more room available.

Went out to the Harvest service at the local church. Stayed behind to have a chat with Keith, and watch the presentations. Noted that the congregation was disturbingly heavily biased in the over 50's. I guess the younger generation (I include myself in that catagory, thank you) just aren't intrested in the church anymore.

Headed on over the Border into Eire with Keith to take advantage of the price differanceof the cost of petrol between the Irish and British government tax regimes. Hellishly wet (later on found out it had been the largest downpour on the last 15 years). Had a quick drive around Dundalk to see what was opened or had changed (quite a lot actually) in the last while, then Keith drove back across the border and left me back home. Gave Keith a number of magzines and tips for his computing work at school. While I was at it checked his phone number for broadband access,.. typical,.. he can get a 2Mbit link but think he dosn't need it. Oddly though the new phone number I have has popped up as being capable of recieving 256K broadband. I suspect this is some cruel ploy on the part of BT to frustrate me but we'll see. I'll ring them up tomorrow about it.

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