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28 Dec 2008 (updated 3 May 2009 at 18:07 UTC) »

Blogs and Journals and Social Networks, Oh My!

I don't update here much, as is fairly obvious. I do update on Dreamwidth every week or two, post to Twitter at least once a day, and change my Facebook status more than is probably healthy. I can also be found participating in various online communities, notably I am staff on the freenode IRC network, and a regular user of the London Perl Mongers IRC channel and mailing list. So if you're looking for me, try looking in one of those places :)

13 Oct 2005 (updated 28 Dec 2008 at 17:19 UTC) »

Wow, life's moved on a lot since I was here last.

I got nearly killed by a careless car driver (pulled out in front of my motorbike without looking) in summer 2003. Spent a month in hospital, and a year in bed, still can't really dance - I miss clubbing.

Got 'made redundant' while I was still bed-ridden a month or two after I got out of hospital, which was pretty low of them.

Once I was back on my feet, found a new job, in south London, and moved to the area - near Wimbledon. Been there a year now, they seem very happy with me, got a small raise at my first annual review, so that's nice. I really like working there, it's a nice atmosphere/environment - we even have a pool table in our offices :)

Haven't done much personal coding since the accident - got into an online game called Kings of Chaos, and ended up leading the biggest alliance in its history - I got pretty good ranks in Age 1 and 2, came 2nd in Age 3 Beta, 1st in Age 3, and 2nd again in Age 4. I retired at the end of Age 4, which was last weekend... I'm hoping to spend some of the Copious Spare Time that I should now find myself with on more useful activities, maybe do some extra-curricular work-related coding and tidy up some of our in-house tools.

I guess that'll do as an update for now. I don't particularly plan to update here frequently, as I'm not coding much right now, but I thought it would be nice to catch things up while I drifted by.

16 Dec 2002 (updated 28 Dec 2008 at 17:17 UTC) »
New Manglement

Got asked to join one of my more senior colleagues for a meeting today, purpose unspecified. Turns out I've been reasssigned from my old line manager to him. This is a Good Thing (tm) as my old line manager is holding a serious grudge against me ever since I pointed out that a lot of our code was hideously uncompliant with W3C standards. I didn't realise his wife had written it.

As a side-effect of this reassigning it looks like I'm going to be given a reasonably chunky project to get on with again, instead of doing odds and ends fixes on our existing codebase. This will work much better for/with my frame of mind. I like the sense of achievement you get from pushing a new project along. Plus, it means I can do it properly (i.e. standards-compliant!) from the start. :)

I won!

IwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwon IwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwonIwon!!! :)


Ahem. I'm quite pleased about that...

Tomorrow night the website I originally wrote YAWNS for is in the finals for a 'disability friendly' award - due to the standards compliant output from YAWNS making all the pages on the site work with screen-readers and easier to navigate for the motion impaired, etc. Quite excited, even though I'm definitely the long-shot candidate...

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