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Trying again to infiltrate in the world of Linux and Open Source Software... Am I really going to win this time? Maybe so... Well, anyway! Hi I'm Eitch, how are you doing? I'm fine by now, my life is getting real good and now I'm gonna repay my sins contributing in many different ways to the community!

I'm using Linux for 5 years now, so I'm kind of a veteran on it... It's one of my hobbies and my works (Anime and Manga is the other one). I'm now 18 years old. I work as freelancer because I have to study this year to graduate from high school, and I confess I have some status here in my city about Linux, so I'm always working with it in many places.

Now it's time to reorganize my personal projects, that the time made me forgot... I'll use advogato to log my progress because I like here very much ^_^ Well, this is it, wish me good luck this time.


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Damn, I really don't have lucky... This past week was hell, I lost my 10gb HD with lots of work on it, and for days I'm trying to "ressurrect" it... I can't lost everything in there! Also, I tried to fix an old computer: a Pentium 133 with 16mb de RAM, for me to configure a file server with my Anime stuff. After succeding from the first time, I installed a Linux distro on it and it was working fine... When I tried to install two network cards, they simply stop functioning. Great, now I don't have a way to share my files for my new fansubber. Today I tried again to configure some things on the old machine, but now the problem is that it doesn't even boot.

From the good point of view, I went to some partys this weekend, including two of my friends' birthday, "reconciliate" some things with my ex-girlfriend and finally timed a script for the X-TV Episode 10. Tomorrow I'll try to fix the old computer and get some network cards, because I have to use Linux and continue writing TLM... Well, I also obtained the album Abigail II from KD, which is very good :) Well let's see what this week has to offer me...

Again, did nothing today! lol Yesterday I was unhappy, and I always do nothing when I'm unhappy with something. My fuel is happiness. Tonight I received a really bad news from my okossan, she told me that next month we will get cable tv and wireless internet cut down, and we are moving from this apartment soon. Why? We have made some investments on a english school in another city, and we are kinda without much money, so we gotta save some! Why do I have always such a big problem? First, I'm not working with nothing, second I'm not studying due the lack of responsability, third I don't have any chances with my ex- girlfriend anymore, and now this... I think I'll ocuppy my life saving money, and preparing myself for some big moves, like moving out, studying outside, and so on... In the middle time of that, I'll still contribute with everything that I can, to the community.

18 Feb 2002 (updated 18 Feb 2002 at 06:42 UTC) »

I woke up only to write and read e-mail, so I'll be short. Spent all day with a friend playing arcade. King Of Fighters 2000/2001 really rocks. After that I went home, and slept. I'm very unhappy, but this will pass.

Today I woke up late, 3pm, after spending all night at the computer. I completed the chapter 3 of TLM and began chapter 4, in which I wrote 9 sections. I also invited some people to watch over the guide while I'm writing, to give sugestion, warn about errors, and so on... If I continue like this, soon it will be complete! I only need opinions from others, what I should put in or so... Maybe you who is reading this can help? Hehehe, I need some ideas on what to write about basics of Linux, I have much of work done but it's in portuguese, so almost noone can read :D Anyway, good "questions" for me to answer are appreciated.

Back! Now I'm gonna log my development here in advogato! After installing another multi-serial board on an ISP in another city, I got back and begin to re-work in my manual, which is known as The Linux Manual (TLM). I also created a project to it and updated my old project page, Eitchdot.

I don't have a computer of my own, but I'm using my brother's one, which doesn't have Linux. Anyway, I use ssh to use Linux in some other computer, at my old work, or at the ISP, etc. Right now I'm listening to Mercyful Fate, and I finished chapters 1, 2 and 3 of TLM. Re-designed the page (Yes, html/php, because I'm too lazy to get sgml working and learning it). Much of a work for this only night... So I'm gonna make some more chapters tomorrow, I'm tired of typing! @_@

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