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I'm back.
I don't have the time to go into details on what has transpired since 2002, but let's just say that things are a bit different than they were.
But I don't have any complaints!

I noticed mascot's comment about tttt now 'forging' other people's accounts. It is pretty clear that Advogato is not meant to be the most securely designed site on the Web, but instead a test of a concept of raph's.

The real question is, is this particular 'hole' easily fixed in an environment that is not meant to be secure? Looking (very briefly) it seems a bit of adjustment might be all that is needed, but it really matters how the Advogato system handles cookie information, and login information during the /acct/certify.html page generation.

And of course, a brute force attack could always be one way to get into an account. However, a brute force attack can be countered various ways, so that would be of only limited access potential.

All in all, most people probably don't feel like there is so much here that needs protecting but it is strange when you lose your innocence how what seems not important suddenly becomes so.

There is change a brewing.

26 Jun 2002 (updated 26 Jun 2002 at 20:50 UTC) »

I am way too busy. The company is redesigning (ahem, I'm leading the redesigning of) its network security architecture and authentication system. This is good because we are gaining more control over what gets through the network but unfortunately it coincides with the company's products that I lead development and sales of having a huge sales increase and thus pulling me in two pieces.

There are also so many other pressures at the moment that it seems like the day just doesn't end. I know this phase will pass but it is unlikely for it to get less busy versus actually just increasing more for various reasons.

P.S. raph something is wrong with the logout code. When using IE 5.5 (which is patched), it sometimes logs me out and sometimes doesn't. It may be IE specific but it may not be...I wonder if any other users have this problem?

Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my engagement. I feel very lucky to have found someone who understands my particular quirks and even thinks they are a positive quality. (Note: It is totally fine to laugh at oneself in public as long as they realize you are trying to be funny ...)

On to other things (because my life is revolving enough around the marriage ceremony that I don't need to clog this space with it too)!

I had an interesting conversation with someone about infrastructure development and the fact that it isn't easy to do well and too many people think they know how to do it than the IQ curves allow. Seriously, major companies are having problems with this area and open source is playing an important part in the overall development. As it always has. I didn't say it was an easy way to make a living though.

Till later.

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