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Perl lover :-)

My contributions to Free Software are somewhat poor, but satisfying to my heart and sometimes even useful! (as in the spanish GUI traslation of LyX or contributions to some projects here and there...)

My c2 WikiWiki name is DavidDeLis

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Well... The conference by rms was really a blast... He decided to have a really nice twists as deference to us and gave the whole conference in spanish!

It was a slow, poor spanish, and he was desperated because he was moving ahead so slowly, and with such low quality ("I have high standards," he said in spanish, "and I know I am doing it very badly.") but the truth is, nobody worried about it, about the errors, the doubts, the long pauses, the repetitive attempts... He simply conquered us all.

Actually I was introduced to him (yeah! :-) by our local FSF/GNU coordinator (thanks pal! :) even when he probably forgot me as soon as he moved to the press round... I'll work hard to make sure he does not rget my name next time... :)

Time slipped away too fast, but it was a really impressive conference. It's like reading him, but with all that body language you alway knew it just had to be there but... yes, it was there! Coherent, political, passionate...

I think I will never forget this III Hispalinux Congress, where Miguel de Icaza (whom I missed, damned nasty cold!) and Richard Stallman came to Spain and I was there...

Got Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r0 from the Congress and decided to swipe by RH6.2 distro and install it... Impressive, 4014 packages... Had to hack some things until X, sound, Helixcode 1.2 GNOME (installed from .rpm's courtesy the 'alien' hackers, thanks guys!) and other things worked, but I am really happy now, lots of great things and I have returned to Debian, which I really like...

Next thing is redownload and rebuild encompass, which I swiped with the RH partition unadvertently... silly me :)

OK, Date/Time managing in C (with both glib and time.h) is dominated... (ah, hacking nights! :)

It's time for the libxml stuff (as soon as I solve why the GPtrArray is not doing what I thought it was supposed to do... or change my suppositions about it)

This weekend is the III Hispalinux Congress, and both RMS and Miguel de Icaza are coming! Whoah! I'll be finally meeting (hopefully) someone from the Elite... :)

I'll report more later...


Long time... busy with work, sleep deprivation and a nasty cold I'm incubating right now...

Been working on my bookmarks idea, things are going OK, although the toughest is yet to come: the XML parser... Still have a lot to read on libxml before starting that one...

Anyway, glib is absolutely fantastic... Chapeau to the GNOME team for it!

After all is done, I'll integrate it on Encompass as a proof of concept, and we'll see... One problem is, should I do it GPL or LGPL? I'd go for the GPL, but then Mozilla gang wouln't probably use it if they liked it, and even though I'm not looking for fame, it would be a nice enhancement, IMHO... LGPL should be OK, but I'm actually for freedom, and LGPL would mean non-proprietary systems would be able to use it as well... IE? Argh!

So if anyone is reading this diary, I'd appreciate your comments and help on this issue...

Not much more, I'm coming to love GNOME more and more everyday, although I find the CORBA architecture a bit too fuzzy and complicated... We'll see...

BTW, I am using a documentation tool called doxygen, at It's OK, far from perfect, but still very useful... I don't understand why it needs Qt-2.1.0 if it's a CLI app... I'll have to ask the author... I'm looking at other utilities as well, I'd prefer to stick to GNOME libs so people don't have to install Qt and Qt-devel if they don't want... Maybe Doc++, which is GPL is ok, and looks really mature and powerful, who knows? Any advice on this?

Well, another day...

After 2+ hours compiling mozilla_M15, I tried gzilla, but I need a later release of mozilla, or so it seems as there are two .h files not present in the source tree... darn... Well, it was fun to play around with the mozilla viewer and Pokemon, Yellow Edition in my Pokemon Stadium transfer pack... Gotta love those little things :-)

On a happier side, I finally made it and got encompass 0.2.0 working... Had to hack the makefile a bit and some gnome * file in order to get the right libraries to link... It's a bit annoying that with 150+ Mb of rpm files for Helix GNOME, I have to fight and fiddle to get the needed *-devel packages and hack them to get something working... I'll talk with encompass author and see what can be done...

Something I found surprising is the speed of the rendering. Yes, it didn't really read all of the CSS2 stylesheet (or at least understood it, but, alas, I am not using the latest version of gtkhtml anyway, libraries conflicting, and I am not worried about it at this moment anyway) the GtkHTML gang is doing a wonderful job... congrats, pals! It was a bit late by then and I couldn't really read the code, but encompass seems to be very well written, adding really little overhead to the widget and already usable... That's perfect to implement my ideas, as I won't have to fight over kilolines of code to find the right spots to add my contribution to... Then, it will be up to the author and devel equipment to love or hate my idea and use it...

My intention, actually, is implementing a dirty hack of the idea so people can see ho it works and then implementing the Right Way in their own browsers... I'll try to do an early release and see how people reacts...

And not much more... Tomorrow's bank holiday in Spain and I won't have computer access (nor INet) until Sunday/Monday, so this will have to wait for a while, tonight I have a dinner with the gang at the fencing salle d'armes, one of our maestros is leaving and we're gonna tell him goodbye a la spanish way :-)

Sometimes things suck big time... Others not.

Been really busy changing customer, mind set and location, etc... Thus this diary's been left adrift for a long while... Good thing is that I'm going to go deep into CORBA and C++ :-)

I've discovered glib! It's a wonderful C library, really, look for it at the GNOME Project or GTK+ Project. I have to think very hard to find a situation in GNU software where I'm gonna use char * instead of GString!!

I'm tinkering with some ideas. Got introduced to NetCaptor. It's a WinX application that groups all browser windows in a tabbed notepad. A good idea, it's much easier to have 20+ browsers in a single app bar icon that to have the damned bar crowded with icons. Unfortunately, the Mozilla version is working badly (ie, only M$ IE) and it will use the ActiveX, which means no NetCaptor for GNU for a while... I've sent them an email asking about the patent pending on NetCaptor, what they really patented and what not, etc... Just to know if I am looking big trouble if I implement something similar for GNU... So far, no reply, but my email's been dead brain for almost a week, I'll give them some more days before insisting...

Also got a good idea, I think, to implement for browsers, a new kind of bookmark that allows more information to be saved for later review... As soon as I manage to get Encompass working, I will try to implement it on it (or maybe on the gnome-help-browser) as a proof-of-concept and let others implement it on their browsers... I'd love to have an early release on this, but I am still dealing with some GTK+ issues, I'm sure I'll have something understandable soon...

And that's all for now, some interesting articles on this place, some interesting entries on Wiki and some interesting announces on LinuxToday. We are living interesting times!

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