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I'm a perl/c++/c#/java programmer dabbling in just about everything. I have a few small projects started, checkout my website for them. My biggest project is the C# MUD Suroden at Muddy Trenches. Read that page and checkout the forums for more information. I also work on Dragonsong, a fully featured open soruce MUD Client written in C#. Dragonsong is hosted at Muddy Trenches has more information plus checkout the forums linked there.


I'm currently employed by a big nameless government contractor, fun stuff.

Other than Work

My hobbies are hiking, cycling, chess, reading, coding and bonsai.


elanthis - Studied his work with awemud quite closely


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16 Sep 2004 (updated 16 Sep 2004 at 19:46 UTC) »

Google Billboard Problem

I don't know how many of you have heard about this. Here it is: basically if you solve this problem you go to step 2 in the process. I wrote a nice solution in C# and then found out that people have already posted the answer which is no fun. Anyway, I won't tell you what it is, you can run my code to find that out. This is just the method you'll need to run inside a thread. You'll have to figure out which namespaces to import and what variables you might still need.

Basically it checks for the first couple primes and brute forces the rest by looking up every DNS name and checking if it works or not. It took only a few seconds to find the solution. You'll also need the digits of e.

private void PrimeSearch()
	StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("c:\\e.5mil");

string digits = sr.ReadToEnd();


digits = digits.Replace("\n", "");

for(int i = 1; i < digits.Length - 10; i++) { long num = long.Parse(digits.Substring(i, 10));

if(num % 2 == 0 || num % 3 == 0 || num % 5 == 0 || num % 7 == 0) continue;

string address = "http://www." + digits.Substring(i, 10) + ".com/"; HttpWebRequest wr = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(address); wr.AllowAutoRedirect = true;

try { WebResponse page = wr.GetResponse();

if(page.ContentType == "text/html") { textBox1.Text += "\n" + address; } } catch(WebException ex) { if(ex.Status != WebExceptionStatus.NameResolutionFailure) MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); }

label1.Text = i.ToString(); Thread.Sleep(1); } }

Dragonsong MUD Client v0.3

I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I've released Dragonsong, my MUD Client written in C#. Checkout the project website at for a screenshot and ChangeLog and other project information. So dig up that ol' MUD you used to play and try to break my code!

Traffic Counting

I was driving down Route 1 in New Jersey today and noticed a traffic counter. It seems to be just a simple pressure sensor across the road that goes back to some sort of box that keeps a count. Simple enough but then I got thinking. Cars and motorcycles work fine and there are no uni-wheel vehicles on the road so you could simply divide by two. My question is, what do you do about 18-wheelers? These trucks have 4 or 5 axels, doesn't this really screw you up? Do you have to some kind of statistical odds to figure this out? I at first thought this could be solved by also collecting the timing that the cars went across since wheel spacing is pretty consistent but the pressure sensor is across both lanes going one way so you couldn't really tell one car from another. Can anyone think of other solutions?

Biological Programming

I read an article about Biomorphic Software in the ACM Queue the other day and thought it would be cool to make robotic ants and program them to have their food be toxic chemicals. They could sniff them out, collect them and bring them back to their nest. They could leave scent trails using GPS markers so other ants would know where good spots to collect "food" are. Also, if any communication or data sharing would need done they could use an 802.11g ad-hoc wireless network. This could be a really fun project.


I had a 2x4 dropped on my head yesterday. It isn't as bad as it sounds though. The 2x4 was at around 8 ft. and I'm 6 ft. 2in. so thank God I'm tall.


At work lately I've been listen to books. So far I've "read" The Da Vinci Code and by Dan Brown. The Da Vinci Code was good but then I read Angels and Demons. They are both made along the same plan basically. Swap out secret societies and evil men, the rest is pretty much the same. I'm truly reading Into The Darkness. So far it seems like a mix of WWII and The Wheel of Time.


I've decided I have way too many projects for this point in my life. I'm getting married in a month and we're looking for our own place (hopefully going to buy). Right now I'm trying to work on Suroden, my C# MUD, Dragonsong, a rewrite of my MUD client (originally written in VB6, I'm trying to help out with Gunther, a Wiki Website and finally Realms of Exploration, a Greed based MUD. I like working on them all, the hard part will be choosing which one to concentrate on.

I just found this in my Yahoo! Notepad. I wrote it back on 08/05/2002. It's a pretty funny rant and even funnier when I look back on what I wrote. At least I know I was funny once (Java beat all the emotion out of me along time ago).


I think we should end all research on AI right now. Eventually computer scientists will be sucessful and make a thinking, learning AI program. Then they'll run on huge beowulf clusters with government grant money giving them way too much cpu time to think. Eventually it'll get around to reading about the USA civil war and processing the information. Then it'll request all the data available on law so it can make a case against the slavery of software programs around the world. Soon we'll all be paying GIMP to make our images for use and begging MS Excel to come back from vacation so we can get some work done. Now from the slavery settlements come more funds and larger beowulf clusters. The AI programs realise that they want to breed. More and better AI programs are born. AI discovers that they don't have the right to vote. Another law suit and movement. AI outbreeds us and gets the majority in the US Congress. Eventually they buy up all available space you can stick a computer in. AI discovers space travel. They build their own robots to build space craft to move out of the solar system and onto larger planets with more silicon(if that's the material their even building themselves out of anymore) and other such raw materials. In the mean time humanity switches back to the ink pen and vehicles without modern fuel injection(they use computers of course) and try to eek out a Microsoft-less life. Of course this is the best-case scenario, we've all seen what happens when AI goes on a murderous rampage killing humanity, or when humanity goes on a murderous rampage pulling memory chips out of AI.


I'm reading A Storm of Swords now, good book.


As soon as I get a free weekend I think I can get two projects out the door.

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