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Gosh, my homepage is defunct; what else is new. Mail me at mj <at> zopatista.com instead.


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Okay, I have an SourceForge Project for my RA2 import/export code. All I need now is time.

Personal time

Hardly any this week, and not for the next two either, I don't think. One of our customers will be launching then, and I have unconvered some problems with the Squid ESI that I am working with Robert Collins to solve. Which means this Memorial Day weekend is gonna involve some non-family time... *grmbl*.

RA2 Export

I now have passable exports of RA2 bots to VRML. If you want to see what I mean, have a look at the example exports of all bots included in the game (plus some extras).

I have also been given permission by our CEO to make all related code Open Source; Zope Corp has no commercial interest in 3D Studio-rleated formats to VRML. bounce.

There still seems to be an edge case in my transformation matrix decomposition code though; some arenas have weirdly rotated items. I'll sort those out eventually.


I had my first Aikido training session last night. Wow, I like this sport very much. It directly addresses all the reasons for stopping with Judo all those years ago.

Insight: My matrix decomposition presents rotations a quaternions, and I still ned to convert these to an angle and axis vector combo. Duh
RA2 export Update 2

Sigh. It is clear that my decomposition of the transformation matrices is incorrect; I get vastly incorrect rotation and sometimes incorrect scaling values. Banging my head against the desk didn't help either..

The problem seems to be that the matrices are assuming a left-handed coordination system, while my algorithms are for a right-handed one. So far, my research has failed to bring up anything useful.

Other than that I have a complete export of all RA2 components, and the minor scaling and rotation issues should be solvable by hand.

8 May 2003 (updated 8 May 2003 at 19:16 UTC) »
RA2 export

Okay, further research has shown me that RA2's Havoc engine must be expecting left-handed coordinates, unlike VRML and 3D Studio Max's right-hand coordinate systems.

This means I'll have to negatively scale all x coordinates and flip all normals. May as well include that rotation around the X-axis as well then (VRML has Y as up, while 3D Studio Max sees Z as up).

Update: Negating the x-axis, and changing the face vertex direction solved the mirror image problem. I still have the rotation problem though; There must be a way to convert the transformation matrices.

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