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Back hacking (and I've got a baseball cap to prove it), on a distributed trust system called Fallen Angel, which isn't yet ready for public consumption, but which will be Open Sourced, and hopefully RFCed, too. Apart from that, I help where I can: bug reports, alpha/beta testing, suggestions, documentation, etc..

Professional skills centred round management and security - particularly product management and strategy (for management) and encryption/PKI (for security - though I have wider experience): I'd welcome the chance to use these in Open Source Projects.

I also have a strong interest in security and trust systems, and now that I've finished my MBA (yes, 'fraid so), I'm applying for a PhD to research this increasingly important area - see www.p2ptrust.org.


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Finally got a new job - at Arcot - starting 2003-04-29. Looking forward to it immensely: it even involves some coding, and they're a good bunch of folks, by all accounts. On first hearing about the job, I was concerned that they might be a snakeoil outfit, but a quick search revealed that their technical advisory team includes the luminaries Tahar Elgamal, Martin Hellman and Bruce Schneier. You can't really do any better than that. Catherine also starts a new job on that day, so things are looking up.


Unemployed. Maybe if I'd posted to Advogato this wouldn't be the case, but the company for whom I worked (until yesterday) decided to lay off 12% of it's European staff, and there was I a technical manager in the marketing department, and guess who got the chop. Catherine (my SO) has just had to take a 20% pay-cut, too, which isn't helping. I'm not actually feeling too sorry for myself, but need to keep focused. Will try to start posting more often.

21 Jul 2002 (updated 21 Jul 2002 at 15:27 UTC) »
Was just reading the most recent diary entries, when I scanned pjf's, and saw something about woody being stable. Did a double-take, and wondered if this was just a reference to how generally unflaky it is, or whether 3.0 had come out. And it has - at last! Well done everyone who's involved. Now, the difficult question - stick with woody, or move to sarge? Hmm.

Went to our friend Wendy's wedding to Carl yesterday, and had a lovely time. I was singing at it, and there was spontaneous applause after I'd finished. I was flabbergasted - I don't expect to be applauded in church! Not in the middle of a service, anyway. I'd put my all into it, though - it's lovely to be able to contribute, and that's what I was able to give. I sang two of Ralph Vaughan William's "Five Mystical Songs" (settings of five of George Herbert's poems) - "I got me flowers" and "The Call" - and was accompanied by one of Wendy's cousins. Spent the rest of the day being congratulated (oh, and eating and drinking lots). Had a wonderful time, even if we ended up going to bed before the bridge and groom left! Good luck to them, and God bless.

Woody: stable. Wow - I wondered if it would ever happen!

one other thing - spare cycles
Most of the time, my home machine sits at home doing very little, so it's got lots of spare cycles. My work laptop does United Devices processing for cancer, but this is Windows only. I used to run seti@home, but I'm wondering what other spare cycle-using projects other Advogato denizens would suggest for Linux. So - post them, or email them to me. Worth starting an article on this?

Flanders and Swann
After a spate of gripping and Ogging, I'm currently listening to some Flanders and Swann - absolutely marvellous!

my day (and iPaq heads up)
Meeting in Reading, which is the other side of London to me, and then some, so up at 6:15 (that's ante meridian, folks), and off the Witham station. It was only when I got there that I realised that there was a tube strike on today (yes, the very one to which RossBurton refers), but it was too late to start driving, so I thought I'd chance it. Got into Liverpool Street around 8:15, and started queuing for a taxi - they were few and far between, but I got lucky, in that after only about about forty minutes, the person at the front got into a taxi and was happy to share. The driver went down the line, and as I was going to Paddington, which was close to his passenger's destination, I got to go - five of us, in the end. Traffic not too bad, and I was there in about 50 minutes. First train cancelled, but second got me to Reading for 10:25 - only 25 minutes late. However, getting back was hell - Liverpool Street was closed due to power outages, and I spent over 45 quid's worth of time in the taxi getting to Stratford, the next stop on the line. The train was packed and late, but I sat opposite a couple of Compaq guys, who were playing with the latest iPaq - bluetooth to a GPRS phone, and very sexy. They suggested delaying to the 3970, which should have _much_ better battery life. Linux is, they assured me, in mid-port. Good news. Got to Witham around 1725. Thanks to Neill for warning me about Liverpool Street!

my evening
So, what's a guy to do after a serious day's travel in London? Go to see Minority Report, of course - which wasn't showing for an hour and a half (I'd arrived 10 minutes to late for the earlier showing), so went to watch Spiderman, instead. A little too much CGI for me, but quite amusing. Bugged by the ending, though - why does he have "nothing to offer" but friendship? Yeah, right.

Fallen Angel
Got home, wrote some more javadoc comments. Dull, but it needs doing. Floated the idea to some mates the other day, and it went down well, which pleased me. Also need to add time-stamping to the protocol. Then create a version for XML, then write up the protocol and the framework, then socialise it (raph, yes, that means you), then go for an RFC. Phew!

Sorry this is a bit long, but should have said: got a new printer (Epson Stylus C80) to replace the one I've given to Moo (Catherine). Took forever to get CUPS to see it, then to realise that I needed to install gimp-print, then realise that it's gimpprint-cups or something in Debian, then install that, etc.. But it's working now, and very good. Why, oh why is printing such a pain to set up?

Hey, Denny - the Posse love you! So - do we know the whole story yet? Are you prosecuting? Were the police helpful? Did she run out of bricks, or what? (-;
-The Bursar.

Mike who?
Got one of those wierd emails today, to one of my lesser known accounts (very little spam, thank heavens), from a guy called Mike Adams. Turns out that he's changed his email address, but at least he gave me a form to send him SMS messages. And enough information to track down his web pages. Seems like a nice enough bloke, lots of pictures of him and his wife, etc., but I have to admit that I don't know him from Adam. Which, I guess, is quite ironic.

Fallen Angel
Wrote some javadoc comments for Fallen Angel (the distributed trust engine that I've alluded to before) last night, and it's going to take more time than I thought. Must get in touch with raph to tell him about it at some point, I suppose.

Want a dog, want one now. The Newfoundland Club have us down for a rescue, but nothing yet. Sad. It seems that Kate (my mother-in-law) has latched onto our having a dog (though, as she rightly points out, they're more the size of ponies) as an alternative to her having grandchildren for now. However, as we don't seem to be about to produce either for her in the near future, I guess she's going to have to wait a while.

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