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Notes: Shameless plug: Visit, my latest baby (over a year in the making) and the worlds first real 3D online casino and poker room. It rocks! ;)

Swedish citizen born in 1974. Learned first to program on a Spectravideo 328 at the age of 12, then got really deep into programming on the Atari ST demo scene as a teenager. Joined the band of people in 1993 that later formed UDS, which raised to one of Swedens leading game developers with a total of 115 employees before going bancrupt in 2003. Have been working for UDS for more than six years and taken part in creating almost every game they have released from 1994-1999. Started working on an MP3 encoder for Windows called BladeEnc as a hobby project in 1998 and released it as a binary-only freeware program. This then got ported to a number of architectures by volunteers and was about a year later turned into an Open Source project after I had been introduced to the ideas and development models of The Free Software Movement by some enthusiastic BladeEnc users. Other hobbies includes tropical fish and music. I currently live in Norrkoping, Sweden with my wife Mia and our dog Brandy (a white shepard). I'm currently part owner and Managing Director of the software development firm Cellar Door Games ( We have developed a number of projects of which Vegas007 ( is the most prestigious one.

Programming Languages:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Motorola 680x0, Motorola 56000 and Intel 386+ (protected mode) assembly.
  • Atari Jaguar's "Tom & Jerry" custom RISC processors.
  • Perl.

Programming Experience:

  • General PlayStation programming (weak).
  • All aspects of 3D engine development (good).
  • Sound engine development on Atari, Amiga, PlayStation and PC (very good).
  • Optimization techniques, including many kinds of both clean and dirty high-/low-level optimizations (very good).
  • SoftImage plugin development (good).

Current Free Software involvements:

  • Has been developing a GUI-system for games and multimedia since fall 2000 which I intend to release as free software, but haven't done yet.

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Not an update for more than 4 years, that's got to be some kind of a record. ;) Lot's of things have happened, I've moved, gotten married and started a new company.

Anyway, for a year now I've been busy writing some new cool software through our new development company named Cellar Door Games.

Our first real product is a 3D Poker Room and Casino software (client and server) which I'm totally thrilled about, absolutely some of the best stuff I've made so far! If you're the least into online poker you should give Vegas007 a visit and try it out. They are the first company using our software and they provide both playmoney-games and real money gambling. So far you can play Poker and Black Jack and the way you can customize your identity is second to no other game, including Sims 2. :)

As you've already guessed, I'm bloody proud and excited over my little baby so I better stop writing now or I'll just keep going on babling about how fantastic it is. ;)

Ooops! Haven't written anything here for almost a year now, shame on me.

Things didn't really turn out as I had planned with my company since the downturn in the software sector made it impossible for me to get the financing I needed. I spent about half-a-year just trying to get investors and in the end I had to give up and take a job. I found an interesting and stimulating job at Scalado, a quite new software company doing some interesting things that I unfortunately can't speak so much about. ;) Anyway, I still have my company (Moonbridge Software) and I might still be interested in doing some extra work in the evenings and weekends so please contact me if you are interested.

I've hardly had any time to do any work on BladeEnc or other free software projects, but I hope to have some spare time from now on so we'll see what happens.

Haven't written anything here for a long time so I thought it was about time.

Everything is rolling on nicely.

I'm coding mostly on my new commercial (but still open source) project that I've initiated. I've decided to stay low a little bit and get some serious code working before I try to employ people or get investors. I hope to make the source available (under the GPL) for use and contributions before the end of the month, I'll write more about it then.

I haven't done so much on BladeEnc, but intend to get some serious work done quite soon. I'm fed up with the bugs in 0.93.7 so I thought I should take a few days to fix them and release a 0.93.8 that hopefully will be free from infestation and can be redubbed 0.94.0 within just a very short while.

Also, I'm interested in doing some consulting to keep my economy from taking an unpleasant dive while I'm working on my new stuff, so if you have some programming work you would like to outsource to someone with experience in mp3 & game/multimedia development in C/C++ and assembly, please get in touch.

Finally things starts to settle down and I can finally start to do some coding again.

I have now successfully moved to Malmö (bringing all my stuff), gotten the most necessary things in order, started to find my way around in this town (still gets lost quite often though) and most importantly gotten my girlfriend Mia and all her things down here.

Getting Mia down here was quite some trouble. It took 5 days, including over 20 hours of driving, two ferry trips of one night each, packing and depacking everything and hoping that the very used car-trailer I had rented wouldn't break down and that none of her 7 birds would get into panic and kill itself during the travels. That was also preceeded by a lot of paperwork, mostly for Mia but also some for me.

We still have a lot to do since the appartment still is a big mess with boxes and furniture everywhere, but we're getting there quite quickly now and I feel that we both start to feel more relaxed.

Mia was worried that her birds would be nervous and feel bad about the place for the first few weeks, but surprisingly they felt at home right away and were singing happily after just a few hours. That's a good sign if any! :)

On the downside I lost quite a lot of e-mails about two weeks ago, including some important letters and bladeenc patches. I'll write about it on the BladeEnc page later and hope that they will be resent to me.

Finally everything has calmed down a bit and I'll have a few weeks with a lot of time for BladeEnc! :)

The last few weeks have been VERY hectic:

First I've finished my job at UDS, where I've been working for more than 6 years. Then directly after that me and my girlfriend drove down to Malmö, a town in the south of Sweden, to look at the town and look for a new apartment, stopping by at my parents for a day on the way down so that they and Mia finally could meet. Spending two very hectic days in Malmö, looking for an appartment and actually finding one we liked and which they promised to hold for use so we could think about it a few days. Then back up to Norrköping, running around like crazy for a day, buying a new suite which I needed and filling in and faxing papers saying that we want the appartment. Then repacking my bags with new clean clothes, getting up early next morning (5 am) to get to the boat taking us to Finland that same evening and finally spending more than three hours on a bus taking us to Mia's hometown Lahti. Staying in Lahti for a few days, attending Mia's brother's graduation and meeting most of her relatives before finally going back to Norrköping, completely exhausted by all the travelling and stress.

Now I've spent a few days reading up on news and e-mails, cleaning the appartment, washing my clothes and generally getting life back to normal.

The really good thing is that I got that appartment and I'll be moving in about 1 month, but until then I'll have a lot of sparetime and that will do some good for BladeEnc! :)

Noticed that Slashdot had posted a story about BladeEnc's legal troubles only 1 day after I left Norrköping. Damn! I would have liked to be online by then so I could answer some of the questions popping up in the discussion... :(

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