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I live in Charlottesville, VA, and a good chunk of my life relates to free software, whether developing with it / for it, or convincing others to use it.

I've actually produced a good bit of free software, about a dozen programs, between 1992-1995. Nothing terribly useful. Mostly simple DOS utilities, games, and hacks. After I discovered Linux in 1994, DOS seemed a miserable and useless development platform, and that was the end of that. I've recently gotten a developer account to contribute to PostNuke, which I'm just getting warmed up with.

I'm a better activist than a FS/SL programmer, when you get right to it. I was a quasi-defendant (it's rather murky) in the CPHack case. I wrote a piece for Slashdot on the July COPA Commission hearings. A year or so ago, I wrote a piece for Advogato, "Realtime Worm Filtering System." I like to lend my brain to Peacefire.


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OSS Advocacy
I've decided that I'm going to push for Virginia (USA) to require all software developed exclusively for governmental use that is distributed to the public without charge (ie, insurance-tax-filing software, POS liquor-sales software, etc.) to have the source code freely available. If not under the GPL (I'm in AOL country here; pushback would be strong, no doubt), under some sort of a license that would, obviously, allow for that code to be altered and redistributed. The state's general assembly isn't in session until next winter -- it only meets annually around these parts -- but I can start laying down the groundwork this summer.
New Apples
I've ordered for myself an iBook (12", DVD/CDRW) and a PowerMac (1GHz, FW800, DVD+R, Bluetooth), both of which ought to arrive next week. I'm excited. Anybody wanna buy a souped-up Pismo? (400MHz, DVD, 768MB RAM, Firewire, 40GB HDD.) It's a beautiful machine, but I want to go from having one laptop/desktop to two separate machines filling that role.
Desktop Linux at Work
We'll have an extra PII/233 at work soon, as a new desktop rotates in and that old one rotates out. I've decided to make it the Extra Computer, that just sits at a desk in case somebody else's system dies, we get a temp in, whatever. I'm going to wipe Windows from it and install Red Hat 8, and do my best to integrate it into the network. It seems like a good way to help ease into things.
Weird Bump
For the record, I've got a weird bump on my left hand, at the base of the first finger. I was rummaging around in a bunch of old boxes at the office yesterday, and it appeared about a half hour later. It looked and felt just like a mosquito bite. It was a little bit red and swollen this morning. As of this evening, the whole base of my finger is red, swollen, and warm to the touch. I've got joint pain, and the whole affair is very tender. People are far too quick to blame spiders for such things, and there just aren't any poisonous spiders (save for black widows, but my symptoms aren't appropriate) in central Virginia (USA), but I sure can't think of anything else. I'll go to my GP in the morning and see what he's got to say.

There. Now if I wake up dead, at least there will be some record of what happened. :)

I got a new Dell in the mail today. A $1,100 jobbie, just as a new machine for the office. As I unpacked it, I couldn't help but giggle when I looked at the ports. The thing comes with two PS/2 connectors, and a mouse and a keyboard that plug into them. There are four USB 1.0 plugs, but nothing plugs into those. There is no Firewire connector.

What is this, 1997?

Web Applications: Non-Triggered Events?
Can anybody recommend the best method of causing a non-triggered event to occur on a regular basis within or for a web-based application? I would like to send out an e-mail regularly (say, daily) to individuals based on data stored in a MySQL database. All existing interaction with this database is accomplished via PHP. I figure that I have two choices:

a. Use a cron job. b. Have a frequently-called function check the current date and time. If it is within certain parameters, call the function that will cause the e-mail to go out.

I don't like the former, because it will make it harder for people to install this application. The latter is wasteful. Am I missing a third possibility?

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