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25 Jun 2003 (updated 25 Jun 2003 at 11:42 UTC) »

Wee! All of my past diary entries are so embarassing. I've come so far as a programmer, thanks mainly to glyph and others.

I'm the release manager of Twisted these days; It's still what I consider my "main project".

I never did finish any of those game projects I started. One of these days.

I'll see if I can't scratch up some material for an article. Programming languages? Web apps? Stuffy academic design crap? We'll see.

Well, I've been working tons on twisted.web which I talked about in the last diary entry. I'm really having a fun time hacking on it. This is the first project that I'm actually a contributor of, instead of a failure of a leader. :)

I've also been working on a little password manager in Python/Tkinter. It's coming along well.. I made a module called PPDF (Password Protected Data File) that uses md5_crypt for the password protection, and AES for encrypting the data. I also use 'mencode' (a module from mojonation) to encode the data before encrypting. Then I wrote a Tkinter GUI for it, and it's pretty decent. The GUI needs cleaned up badly, but it's pretty usable.
A few months ago I wanted to start a project named SchoolBoard for high schools or other educational institutions to provide an environment where teachers and students can interact (note, not an actual educational environment itself, just something for high schools to use). It was going to be in the format of a weblog with many additional features..
But unfortunately that project died very quickly. But with my recent interest in the Twisted.Web Python web server, I decided to fiddle around with the idea some more. Currently I'm porting to my design to integrate with the weblog. All the modules of the site will be completely independant of each other, though, so I suppose I'll be writing the first general-purpose weblog for T.W. Fun Fun. :)

I haven't worked on my breakout clone in a couple of days, and I gotta force myself to do some more work on that.. Usually if I put all my attention on one project, eventually everything just goes to hell.
16 Jan 2001 (updated 16 Jan 2001 at 02:48 UTC) »

It's been a long time. yada yada yada, everyone has times where they don't post a diary entry for a long time and go through the schpiel of what happened since then. Here's mine.

Boring old life
I got my drivers license. I got a job at Eat 'n' Park. I'm very happy with my relationship with my girlfriend. 'Nuff said.

Well, my last entry was about how I couldn't take my SAT, but I got to take the test the next month. I got my scores back, a total of 1210.
I applied to the University of Pittsburgh, but didn't get accepted. My GPA is 2.44, so that's understandable. If I don't get into Robert Morris College (The privates school in Moon Township, PA, not the other one), then I'm going to the local community college for a year, and apply to pitt and RMC again (and whatever other colleges catch my fancy).

I've done a lot of coding lately. I've been learning PyGame, which is an SDL interface for Python, and right now my big learning project is a breakout game. I know about xboing and xbreaky(?), but I want to do something on the level of Krypton Egg, which is the self-proclaimed best breakout game in the world, and I can find no evidence to disprove that. I'm having so much fun doing game programming.

I wrote a couple of sprite classes for PyGame, that are general enough that I think I might release them as a package. Maybe I'll even extend them to C, I think they would be well-received by the (small, but fast-growing) PyGame community.

Before I started on my breakout game, I started writing an Exanoks client utilizing PyGame. I haven't touched the code in a while, but I'm hoping that it'll become the "official" client for Exanoks.

Web site
I completely rewrote my web site in Python, using the Twisted.Web web server. I really think it's neat.

Alright, I'm officially a retard and a slacker. And anyone who is reading this gets to find out why. I'm a senior in high school, and I never took the SAT or even PSAT tests. So this year, I signed up for SAT on November 4th (today), and also signed up for a SAT prep course for 150 dollars (both the test and the course fees came out of my mother's pocket). Well, I went to ONE of the 12 or so classes in the prep course, which means my mother can't get her $75 refund back for students who attend all of the classes.

And that's not all of it. Well, I'm obviously not out taking the SAT right now, as I'm sitting at home typing this. Well, I realized last night that I had no photo ID, which is required to take the test. You're supposed to get a physical description on school stationary signed by the principal if

you don't have photo ID. It was a little late for that.

It gets better. I lost the ticket that I'm supposed to present at the test center for admission. Since I don't have that, I can't reschedule the test for another date for even a small fee.. I have to register all over again, paying the full amount. Oh, and yes, there's even more. The deadline for signing up for the next test on December 12 is passed, and I have to pay a late fee to get in.

So, let's summarize: Didn't go to prep courses: slacker. No photo ID: retard. No phsyical description: slacker (never got around to getting one from school). Lost SAT ticket: retard.

I feel so good about myself right now.

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