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Ok, here I go again pretending I am going to keep up with my diary.

I am working for Ximian now managing the Ximian Setup Tools project, (which I want to rename to Ximian System Tools). Work at ximian is very good and I could not be happier. I have not done any gnome-print work recently which sucks.

I found a good office space in Mexico and I getting together with the lawyers tuesday to sort out the details. I can't wait to have an office here, seems like it is going to be so much fun.

Other stuff I need to do is metathemes, which have a butt ugly gui but Anna is fixing. I need to do some hacking with them to get them to a releasable state.

I am still not feeling good about having a heated discussion with michael, I need to talk to him to get in sync again.

24 Oct 2000 (updated 24 Oct 2000 at 15:56 UTC) »

Skydiving is FUN FUN FUN ...

The skydiving trip was soooo cool. I had so much fun last Saturday. I made my 198 jump. Getting close to the 200 mark. Have to do that more often.

Where are my hacking powers ??

Have I lost my hacking powers ? I have not been able to get down and do some serious hacking for two weeks now. I am begining to get concerned that my hacking powers have left me. I think I am way too burned out.I am hoping to get the back soon. The only work I've been able to do is gedit stuff which in part is good since gedit was lacking chema's love.

School is requiring too much time from me recently

As the end of the semester aproaches my school duties are starting to accumulate. I am spending more time doing school work and will probably do till the semester ends.


Oh ! what can I say.

Ok, no diaries entries for a while, hope I can start finding a small amount of time to keep writing them again.

A lot has happened since my last diary entry, too much stuff to decide where to start.

I gave a conference & seminar on Linux yesterday. I was impressed my how many people attended. It was great, and the the atendees where very excited about linux. I talked about Free Software for about 30 minutes, then Rodrigo talked about the server side of linux for about 15 minutes, and then I demoed gnome and all the new cool apps. Gnumeric, abi, evolution, sodipody & nautilus.

This guys are so excited about it that I am going to start a a Linux User group for my school. The first meeting is going to be next friday. Let see how that goes.

Because of the Linux talk, I took my computer from home and installed it in the school for a couple of days. Having good internet access is great ! I downloaded OpenOffice binaries yesterday in less than 10 minutes, it was about 50 Mb. I am just not used to this kind of internet connection. The bad part of having my computer at school is that I can't hack on Sundays and Saturdays after 1 pm.

Well, I've got lots of stuff to do. I need to buy one of those cool PDA's to get all organized and stuff.

Advogato Certification ... and my friends from Spain

I wonder how are my spanish friends doing. I haven't spoken with cuenca, rodrigo and acs for a while. I wanted to mail them but I have very little to say to them other than "Hi!". They certified me which is nice from them and this reminds me to tell you why do I not certify other hacers :

  • I have not read any code from most of them
  • There are different stuff to take into account when talking about someone's hacking abilities
  • It's hard to put hackers in 4 discrete levels, but even saying a number from 1 to 10 is a lot Worse
  • Cant remember the other one.

gedit recent hacking

After wasting a FULL day [ meaning from 11 am to 5am of the next day ] finding and fixing bugs for the printing algorithm to determine lines and do the word wrapping, I decided to implement it again. It was a wise choice because is stupid to mess with code you do not completelly understand. I was desperated but I learned my lesson. The new one is not done , I still need to replace tabs for a number of spaces in the posctscript printing but it is beautifull. This is one of those cases in which you need to implement something once to learn what the problem is about and redo it to actually do the implementation.

It looks like jleach has lost interest in gedit. I guess I will be on my own in the near future, althou I have not asked him about it.


Schoo's summer semester starts this wensday. Yuck ! Have I said enough times how much I don't like going to school. Sitting on a classroom is just not my idea of learning. I guess we are not created equal after all.

My gnome page

I started my gnome page here it does not have a lot of content [ close to nothing ] but I guess the only way to get started is to get started.

CVS howto

I want to start a CVS howto. Not that I know a lot about CVS but a lot of people ask CVS questions.

Comdex Mexico

The talk kicked ass ! The audience seemed very excited about gnome and I got a million questions while demoing GNOME. I think I will become a very good speaker if I get to practice some more. Tuba went with me and he told me that he liked the talk. I saw Mancha, Pato and Pepe which was very good. A reported asked me for an interview after the press meeting we did. I left the place SOoooo excited :). I am a happy hacker.

gedit hacking

I finally commited to the CVS the new search code. It still needs some gui/UI works but the internals seem pretty good to me. I can see a release in the near future. I got this idea of adding pipes support to gedit. So that you can print to gedit , and analyze the printing code or something like "grep text * | gedit" and have gedit create a doc with the text piped to it.

Skydiving !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going skydiving tomorow . Yeeeeeeeeeejjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaa !

gnumeric release

I helped the gnumeric guys with some bug finding/fixing power for their latest release. I like gnumeric's internals and can't wait to hack on it. But I still need to learn a lot of other stuff before I do so. I just love (as every other gnomer ) gnumeric. Jody killed a LOT of bugs.

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