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I'm a college student by day and a programmer by night. I'm 20 years old, and have been going to college for over 3 years. I maintain the GNUpdate project and contribute patches from time to time to other projects.

Programming for me is just fun. I enjoy learning various languages, and end up becoming quite good at most of them. I currently know and use BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, REBOL, Bash, Scheme, Lisp, Ada, and Assembly.

I also work with XML, HTML, XHTML, SGML, XSLT, RDF, and various other XML and SGML-related formats. I've been using most of them since they were still beta W3C specifications, and have even written an XML parser called Mino, which is a SAX2 and DOM2-compliant parser.

I own and operate Portal Web Design. I develop database-enabled web sites for local clients. I also do development on the Gaim project.

In the past, I've worked with Freenode Radio,'s streaming radio station that plays music from independent artists.

And that's about it :)



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For the time being at least, I've moved by weblog here on my server. I switched to Movable Type, which is interesting. Hopefully I'll keep it more up to date than I've been keeping Advogato lately. Mainly, I'll be discussing Galago, GNUpdate, Gaim, and other work, and I might decide to setup a personal weblog for life stuff.. That or I'll just combine them all. We'll see.

Now if only I could get on planet gnome :) That'd be cool, since some of my new work is definitely GNOME-related. Not important, though.

Happy Y2K+4! Beware the computers that have been turned off the past four years.

Christmas, the Sequel

Rachael and I had our Christmas a few days ago. It was great. She bought me this Final Fantasy 8 necklace that I love and now wear 24/7. The reason for this is because she put the accompanying ring on a chain and is now wearing that as well. Kind of a couples thing, you know? Wearing metal around my neck is taking some getting used to, but I'm not complaining. Definitely a great present :)

She wasn't expecting anything from anybody but me, but my mom, little sister, and someone who wishes to remain nameless got her presents as well. She walked away with a bag full of stuff.

I bought her a sword that she's been wanting for several years, but has been unable to get ahold of. The look on her face when she saw it was worth it. I also got her the "I Love My Geek" shirt from ThinkGeek. It looks great on her :)

Angry Emu

Angry Emu, my emulator game menu, now works really well. There are some other features I want to add, but for now, it's a working game menu that looks decent and lets me see all my games, along with screenshots and title screens and cabinets and what-not. Maybe I'll release a version soon, after I finish polishing the UI.

Desktop Integration, Presence, and Related Information Gathering

I've been interested lately in the concepts around full desktop integration, presence, and related information gathering (a la Dashboard. It's a cool area, and I think a lot of improvements can be made. I'm in the process of drafting a specification for a desktop-neutral system for the aforementioned concepts. This should really be something that any application could easily plug into to provide information, and also to request and display information.

I'll speak more about this when I have some solid ideas down, so I don't get ahead of myself and say something that I realize later isn't practical.

On a related topic, Mike Hearn and I are putting together a small site that is basically similar to the Gnome Bounties pages, where they list tasks they'd like to see done for desktop work. Of course, it wouldn't be a bounty system, as we don't have that kind of money. It's essentially an idea bank. We plan to feature desktop integration, application, and packaging tasks, for the time being.

Job Hunt

I need to find myself a job. What would be perfect is something dealing with open source development, preferably in the areas I'm interested in. You know, the geek's dream job. Unfortunately, few ever get that dream job. The closest I can find are programming jobs locally for proprietary software, which I would take if they would hire me. Since I don't have a degree yet, they won't hire me as a programmer.

One company said they would if I could be full time and stop going to school, but school is a bit too important to just give up. Perhaps night school... Of course, I'd be working on Windows "dialing" software for custom wireless network connections. I don't know what they need dialing software. They use 802.11b, afterall.

Ah good, I got gnome-blog working again.


Christmas was great this year. I got some nice stuff. The main highlights that I'll mention at this point include Super Mario Bros 3 and Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance, a UPS for my PCs, a board game called Vampire Hunter, a power drill set, some books (Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, Nimh), and some other goodies.

What I really liked about this Christmas is the stuff I got other people. I finally got my mom print-outs of the pictures I took of my little sister Jenna over the years. I gave my brothers a couple books I hoped they'd like and a pack of strategy games for their computers. I gave my grandparents some small things they'd like. Jenna got a Tigger bobble-head and a penguin to add to her wide collection.

Rachael and I are having our Christmas probably tomorrow. I can't wait for her to see what I got her. It's going to be fun.

PDA Troubles

I went to re-setup my old Visor Edge PDA today, and found it covered with black pixels. Now, to those who aren't familiar with PDAs, a screen full of black pixels where there should be white pixels is considered in the industry to be a Bad Thing (TM).

Being myself, I decided to grab a screwdriver and open it up. I fiddled around with it a bit, reset the screen, fiddled around more with cables, and observed the pixels slowly going away over the period of about 10 minutes. I put it all back together, waiting patiently, and all the pixels finally went back to normal while the PDA was in sleep mode.

However, the black pixels were there when the PDA was "on." Those eventually disappeared as I kept turning the device on and letting it sit. There's a couple faint lines near the bottom now, but that's about it. I'm satisfied I guess. Not that I use it too often.

Angry Emu

I got fed up a couple of days before Christmas with my emulator front-end, AdvanceMenu. Don't get me wrong, it's a good program, but there are things I wanted. For instance, to setup screenshots for my games, I've had to press whatever button on the emulator to screenshot it, hand-rename it to the correct name and put it in the right directory, and often restart AdvanceMenu. That was just too much, and locating one file out of all the games in the list was too time-consuming, especially since they used their own widgets and didn't have a scroll bar.

I started work that night on Angry Emu (inspired by this picture). It's a GTK2-based emulator front-end, which currently works rather well, shows the screenshots, title images, etc. As of today, it even lets you play the games! Imagine that.

There's still a bit left to do before I'm satisfied, but I kind of wanted a break from my other projects, and didn't want to use AdvanceMenu much longer.

Before I offend anybody who may work on that project, let me say I love what they're doing over there, and if I had an arcade system setup, I'd use AdvanceMenu. It does the job it's designed for. It just doesn't do what I want right now :)

This is getting a bit long, so I'll save some of the thoughts I have on other things for another entry.


I have one last final today in History. The Animal Science final didn't go so well, and the Art Appreciation final didn't go as well as I had hoped (though still not horribly bad). This History final, though, is a toughie... I had 80 pages to study, and had the other finals to study for too. We'll see how I do, but I'll probably end up taking this again another semester.

Lord of the Rings

Rachael and I are most likely going to see Return of the King tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it, partially because she and I haven't had much time together outside of school for awhile, and partially because it's Lord of the Rings.

I'm tempted to go on about how great she is right here, but I have to head to school and if I did that, I'd miss the bus :)

Galago - Top Secret Technology (TM)

Okay, well not top secret, but I have an idea for a nice little system to better integrate things in the GNOME desktop, and any others that wanted to participate. I need to speak with Nat Friedman about it, but it should be rather cool. More on this after we talk and I have some drafts of what it'll do up.


The API rewrite is going very nicely. Still doesn't do much, but the framework is nearly complete, and I'll soon be able to do the archive modules, and the local file system implementation. I'm giving it another month or two, since I don't know my upcoming schedule just yet.

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