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Name: Sam Hart
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Notes: These notes are out of date! Sorry folks, I haven't been keeping up my Advogato information! For more up to date information, check out my homepage ;-)

Currently the project manager and lead developer for several free-software projects. Here's four of them:

But my current claim to fame is as the manager for the Tux4Kids project.

Skilled in many programming languages, but prefer C/C++ and Perl.


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Drupal Migration #1
I mentioned last entry that the siren song of Drupal was calling me, well I have my new Drupal site up and running.

My principle problem has been that I want to keep all my old content active, and I'm too lazy to write some crazy import script to pull it all into Drupal. Also, I'd like the current content to be themed the same as the Drupal content, but this, in and of itself isn't hard since I did make a theming engine somewhere in Noink that I use on my personal site.

At any rate, the new site is online here I will work on integrating now, but, as we all know, I can be slow with these due to all my work. It may take some time before I make it the primary site.
Declaring Email Bankruptcy
Total Unread Messages
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I suck at email.

Okay... maybe I don't suck. Maybe the problem is email is one of the worst methods of communication ever conceived by man. Perhaps the problem is email is easier to create than consume. Any jackass can string a few words together and fire them off to some coworker down the hall or acquaintance thousands of miles away. But actually reading that email, processing it, and forming a reply, that's harder.

What I really should do is eliminate email from my life entirely. Regrettably, I can't do that.

So, I'm doing the next best thing. I'm declaring email bankruptcy, moving all my unread shit to an email dmz and moving on. If you've emailed me something in the last... oh, idunno... millennia, and I haven't responded... resubmit (unless it isn't important).

Also, I've grown weary of using nonews-lite on my site. I've been using Drupal on my clan site for nearly 4 years now, and have really fell in-love with it.

So, the siren call of Drupal has brought me to the grand idea of unification. If I can get as much crap I host under the Drupal banner, it will reduce maintenance dramatically. Also, it will provide me with a commonality in site administration that my feeble and tired brain desires.

So, in a few days, weeks, or months (hey, I can't commit on any time-frames with how hectic my life is) I will be retiring my current home-page and migrating to a new and shiny Drupal site. All of the old content will remain here, I just don't like URLs dropping off the face of the planet, but it will become even more outdated than it already is.
Fuck you, Google
Google has very quickly become my least favorite company thanks to this AdSense fiasco.

If you recall, I had a very similar experience with Google AdSense.

The thing that I find most disturbing is how little play these stories are getting in the news media. Here Google has become this juggernaut of internet advertising, and yet you have to really search to find the many many stories of Google cancelling AdSense under questionable circumstances. Of course, that should come as no surprise when you realize that Google also is the juggernaut of internet searching.
Server outage
Sad that my posts to my web log lately have all been to warn of server outages, but oh well. The following servers will be down due to a planned server outage:
Also down are any other servers that are virtual on these that I may have forgot.

This planned outage will be for approximately 12 hours. The big problem is, when it is scheduled to come back online I will be unable to verify that everything is back online.

Basically, if you have any problems with these, you may have to wait until Monday, March 20th, before I can fix them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

<small>[1] : has a fallover server, and will likely still work
[2] : rpmstrap has a mirror here that will still be active
IRC Goodness
Wish I had some real updates here, but everything is just too hectic to do much lately :-P

Instead, I just wanted to share with the world in general some of the humor I've amassed from IRC. Basically, every once in a while, something funny is said or done and I feel a need to capture it for posterity.

I know this means no one is safe when they share a channel with me, but, bah, what do I care?

Anyway, without further ado, a smaill listing of my favorites:

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