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My playgrounds are cryptography, security engineering, applied artificial intelligence, protocols, programming languages, and distributed systems/P2P networks.

I'm currently active in the open source arena via my work on the E toolkit, leading an effort to implement BEEP in Ruby, and a number of other small but growing initiatives, as well as some private ventures.


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Job hunting. Still. Sigh. My strengths are in infosec, crypto, P2P networks, and web apps. I will relocate just about anywhere. Email me if you're interested in chatting.

I shut down my LiveJournal journal a while back and replaced it with a Blogger-powered blog. I still mean to keep my Advogato page around, since I like the community, but I don't have much to chat about in the realm of open source or free software projects at the moment. I talk about other geeky stuff on the new blog too, should you be interested. Trying to keep two journals is an interesting exercise in idea management. What to put where?

26 Sep 2001 (updated 27 May 2002 at 21:55 UTC) »

Somehow I only found recentlog lately (as in, a few weeks back). Now I dig why people respond to other people in their entries. I'm often dense like this.

I made a quick list, mostly from memory and some written notes, of how many outstanding projects I've started for myself that remain unfinished as of 2001-09-26 (all praise ISO date format, it actually makes sense). By this rough count, I'm around 20 such projects. I immediatly prioritized each project on a low to high scale, although when the list started getting dense, I found the lines were becoming grey and a lot of projects were falling into "low-medium" or "medium-high" rankings, which isn't very helpful. Still, it's a first crack at self-organization of hackery, ultimately to result in a publicly viewable (and perhaps interactive) project docket on my website, sometime soon. I though about posting the list here as a matter of public record but chickened out.

I'm cautiously looking forward to Mac OS X 10.1. Hopefully it will be improved enough to be compelling to me and I'll switch over. We'll see...

CodeCon 2002 was announced on various lists (coderpunks and p2p-hackers, amongst others) for February 2002. This sounds like a P2P convention I might actually attend for the right reasons.

In other news, I have a Linux box performing admirably running a Linux distro I'm managing not only not to hate, but to actually enjoy somewhat, which is a first. It's Debian.

Notice to employers in the Toronto area: if anything here interests you, and/or you'd like to talk, I'm currently available. Contact me at dnm@pobox.com

4 Aug 2001 (updated 4 Aug 2001 at 14:15 UTC) »


I'm no longer with OpenCola.

Like many of my projects to date, beepcore-ruby is in a holding pattern. I'm negotiating the purchase of some equipment from OC, but it'll be two Apple machines at most (a G4 minitower and a G3 Pismo PowerBook), and unfortunately, Ruby doesn't run on Mac OS 9 (I heard tell of a really old port, but my question to ruby-talk on the matter of locating source code that I could perhaps try to bring up to date went unanswered). The upside is that I'm working on BEEP in Squeak (beepcore-squeak?) instead. I'm not sure if I'm going to release it, but I suppose I may as well. I'm doing it because Ruby and Smalltalk are similar, and I can port what I do in Squeak over to Ruby. It means that beepcore-ruby won't be available for a while, but perhaps the resulting additional code base will make up for it.

I have, as always, been tinkering with some other stuff recently. I'm hacking on a Lisp system for Mac OS 9, fiddling with Forth, Haskell, and Clean, and toying with some other things. I've created a docket of my current projects, to help me manage my time better. You'll be able to view it and do other snazzy things with said docket when I launch my long delayed web site.

Like stevej and nchriss, I've been thinking about OpenCSP and similar topics. I'm also interested in working on an idea I spouted off about to the e-lang list back in May; an implementation of capabilities in monads.

So as a more serious task with which to plumb the depths of Ruby, I'm attempting to write a BEEP implementation ("beepcore-ruby" anyone?) along the lines of the available Java and Tcl beepcore code. Assuming all goes well, I'll then start adding things on, like prototype apps using APEX, IMXP, SEP, Beepster (nee HSTP), etc.

I quite like the design of BEEP, although Justin Chapweske seems to think it's in the same boat as JXTA: crap, particularly the sort of crap that uses multiplexing in a messaging protocol. I disagree on that and a number of his other points, but I reserve the right to change my opinion once I start actually having to dive into the RFCs, etc.

26 May 2001 (updated 26 May 2001 at 02:58 UTC) »

Just checked email. Oh well, never mind. I'll just try to do it at Defcon.

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