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My main contribution to free/open source software is work with Zope. My page lists my main activities, which range from documentation to new Zope components.


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Is this some kind of Illuminati or Discordian inspired book game? Those numbers are definitely suspicious. 23rd page, 5th sentence.. Perhaps we're helping to immanentize the eschaton with this or something.


Once more, and as always significantly, there was a shift in burial customs, too

auspex, I also flip between introvert and extrovert, sometimes falling right in the middle. Not so much variance on the others though. So I like to think I'm both ENTP and INTP, "inventor" and "architect". Suits me just fine. :) Perhaps it's a programmer's trait, as it reminds me of one of Knuth's statements about programmers being able to see a problem at multiple levels at the same time, both details and higher level requirements.

Rant mode.. bgeiger: about 'chicks digging assholes'. Lots of so called "nice guys" claim this in complaint ("why does nobody like meeee?"), and it's a particularly unpleasant thing to say about a whole gender. I've always been annoyed by the statement. If some women really prefer assholes why care about these women enough to even talk about them? They'd be idiots if they deliberately seek out people who will hurt them; we're not saying 'chicks are idiots', though, are we?

Many women like confidence of course, just like most people do in general. May it be that some people perpetuate the myth of women liking assholes because they're envious of these confident men? Sometimes too it takes a second glance to make the distinction between confidence and self-centeredness (if a guy is with a new woman every night, perhaps this is because the women keep dropping him like a stone?). But most women are not idiots!

Note that I'm not trying to imply that you (bgeiger) reason in such ways, you just set off my rant. My only goal is to eradicate this annoying myth from the planet. :) Well, at least to make people reading this think about this a bit more.

Some interesting analysis, rants (if you haven't had enough with mine), perspectives and perhaps even enlightenment on the whole topic can be found here. Fascinating site by the way; the 'weak of the week' section in particular is hilarious and demonstrates how astoundingly nasty and stupid some individuals seem to be...(and to get back to the original topic, slashdot is another good place to learn about these :)

xsa, I'm surprised you found the fees of the conference high. They're pretty low for a conference of this type. Nobody has been making money on this either. The organizers are all volunteers and the fees are to actually pay for the costs. Organizing a conference is not cheap nor easy.

We tried to offer a broad selection of talks, over 70 of them on 6 different tracks -- could you be a bit more detailed about the kind of talks you were expecting? The mix of both techie stuff and more business oriented stuff was to me very nice; much more interesting than just one of the two. Please do offer input on our mailing list as we prepare for the next conference.

I believe we had a wireless network set up; don't know whether it was decent or not as I did not try it. Perhaps you could volunteer to help with it next time?

4am, you're welcome. If the trust metric makes me a master (why in the world?) then you certainly are. Anyway, you've contributed a lot to making my Zope life easier, so you deserve it. I mean, SiteAccess, PythonScripts, PageTemplates. Thanks!

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