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Homepage: http://www.ii.uib.no/~stig/


Lead developer on the SDS project (Software Development Foundation) and on the Langband project (roguelike in Common Lisp), both GPLed. Happily contributes pages to CLiki and tries to do his share of packaging for CCLAN.


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Gah.. no time for open-source these days. Work and thesis steal all time. Sigh.

Maybe I should write something sensible here. Can't think of anything. Nah, I'll eat breakfast, it's half past noon. Time for breakfast.

28 Aug 2001 (updated 28 Aug 2001 at 19:52 UTC) »

It's been more than a month since I wrote anything here at Advogato. It's been a varied month, with a few developer releases of my lispy game Langband and work starting again.

Work: Work involves very little hacking these days unfortunately. After a research-prototype in the spring it's a lot of meetings, planning, getting external verification on the ideas in the prototype and trying to find working business-models that combines open-source, making enough money, research and fun.

Wish: Now if only we could find a partner using J2EE or moving into J2EE with a complex domain to map to Java I think our tools would be useful and worth the investment.. but it's not easy getting the first customer. Oh well.

Code: Too little time for open-source.. *sigh* All time is sucked away by thesis and work. Maybe I can find some time for more langband-hacking later... that would be fun.

Life: I'm oddly enough healthier than I've been in a long time. My FEV breathing-tests are up from 35-40% in the winter to 50-55% now which is amazing. My effective lung-volume is still in the 30s but it's up from the 20-something I've had the last year. Can't explain why really, as the opposite direction would be more realistic. But I like it :-)

Been trying to make recently released CLISP-version work with CCLAN. But of course it had to introduce some new pathname-problems which wasn't in the working CVS-version I made last week. Hip Hip Hurrah for progress!!!

Common Lisp tries to abstract up pathnames to be portable across implementations, but ends up with an unimplementable spec of 'logical pathnames' that nobody manages to get right or even compatible with other implementations on the same architecture. It's like otherwise intelligent programmers get into a c++-mindset and makes code that is incompatible with antyhing else as soon as the spec is vague instead of discussing things like sane people. I'm sick and tired of logical pathnames. Of course, everything that is built atop the LPNs look like mutilated spaghetti-code.

There has to be a better way to handle paths. (The 'handle paths as strings' is of course worse, Common Lisp is just the least bad alternative.)

Spent most of the weekend writing a darned research-report, but the whole team wrote their parts and we finished just in time. Stressful, but very good teamwork. The report will howerver not win a Funniest Writing Award 2001.

Got a chance to work a bit with Langband the last two days and tossed out a 0.0.12 version last night that is improved and is fairly installable as debian-packages. I hope to get some time working on it this month as well as on my thesis.

Made a new user-interface for birth in Langband which I think can also be ported to regular Angband. It allows selection with arrow-keys and display necessary help for highlighted options. IMHO a considerable improvement over the old interface which was absolutely non-intuitive to new users.

Of more personal concerns, my tooth is being sadistic again and painkillers only do a moderate job. I hate my tooth almost more now than I hate seeing dentists. A few more days now and I'll call the dentist.

I am also planning a very serious slime-mold patch for regular Angband this weekend, allowing slime-molds to be used as radios and playing mp3-songs. This will hopefully make Angband the number one "sex, drug's and rock'n roll" game.

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