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Playing with C, making tiny libraries for various purpose.

  • Addiction: playing music.
  • Favourite quote:
    If a composer could say what he had to say in words,
    he would not bother trying to say it in music
    (Gustav Mahler)



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Posting SVN commits to an IRC channel

Everybody may be aware of svn mailers that post commit logs to a mailing list or several email address. I found more useful to have a notification on my favourite IRC channel.

For people interested in IRC notification of SVN commits, here is a python script that will do the trick.

import sys
from irclib import *

class SVNBot(SimpleIRCClient): def __init__(self, server, port, target, repo, rev, author, log): SimpleIRCClient.__init__(self) = target self.repo = repo self.rev = rev = author self.log = log self.msg = 'new commit on ' + repo + ' r' + rev + ' by ' + author + ': ' + log self.connect(server, port, 'svnbot')

def on_nicknameinuse(self, c, e): c.nick(c.get_nickname() + '_') def on_welcome(self, c, e): if (is_channel( self.connection.join( else: self.connection.notice(, self.msg) self.connection.quit()

def on_join(self, c, e): nick = nm_to_n(e.source()) if nick == c.get_nickname(): self.connection.notice(, self.msg) self.connection.quit()

def on_quit(self, c, e): nick = nm_to_n(e.source()) if nick == c.get_nickname(): self.connection.disconnect() sys.exit(0)

def main(): if len(sys.argv) != 7: print 'Usage: ' + sys.argv[0] + ' <server[:port]> <target> <repo> <revnum> <author> <log>' sys.exit(1)

s = sys.argv[1].split(':', 1) server = s[0] if len(s) == 2: try: port = int(s[1]) except ValueError: print 'Error: Erroneous port.' sys.exit(1) else: port = 6667 target = sys.argv[2] repo = sys.argv[3] revnum = sys.argv[4] author = sys.argv[5] log = sys.argv[6] bot = SVNBot(server, port, target, repo, revnum, author, log) bot.start()

if __name__ == '__main__': main()

This script should be callable from the hooks/post-commit file as follow:

AUTHOR=`/usr/bin/svnlook author "$REPOS"`
LOG=`/usr/bin/svnlook log "$REPOS"`
/usr/local/bin/ "irc.server" "#irc.chan" "$REPOS"

Now, happy commits!

nall! notify almost everything on the system tray

I finally released a decent tarball of nall, a tool i use for several months, and i noticed that some people really waited for such a tool to monitor various networked resources a simple way. However, nall's current spawn'n'reap model is not very smart,so i may improve it in the future.

python is cool: chapter 0

I finally rewrote a program (previously wrote in C) in the python language. I like it, mainly for it's well documented API and the way we can have both the functionnal and object language style. I took to me less than 12 hours to complete the program i made in 3 days of C, having not any knowledge of Python but a book. I'ts really cool.

15 Feb 2008 (updated 15 Feb 2008 at 02:39 UTC) »
vala tutorial: chapter 0

after about 8 years of C and bourne, i finally decided to learn a descent language. and by learn, i mean learn from the beginning, as a baby. making things clean, trying to forget crappy things i made in the past. So, i decided to choose vala for testing my fresh baby brain. This first post on vala is be the beginning of a step by step introduction to this language for people who know C or C++.

first, read This Hello World in Vala

Here is a variant, which goal is to demonstrate how to use program's arguments, and how to get an array's length:

using GLib;
public class Tutorial.CommandLineArgs : GLib.Object {
 public static void main(string[] args) {
  for (uint i=1; i< args.length; i++)
   stdout.printf("Hello, %s. ",args[i]);
  stdout.printf("My name is %s\n", args[0]);

Here you see the declaration of an array of strings which i called args, another declaration: an unsigned integer variable named i. Then you see the length member of the array type. Finally you see how to acces to an array's cell.

Question from the baby: how to get the real basename of args[0], having knowledge of basename() from <libgen.h> or g_path_get_basename() from GLib ? Reply: to acces g_path_get_basename() from GLib, Vala has this naming convetion: GLib.Path.get_basename(). Now it's up to you to make a better hello people program.

3 Oct 2007 (updated 3 Oct 2007 at 04:18 UTC) »
vps experience

After the succcessful vserver experience for virtualizing asterisks and freepbx, i am now switching to the VPS technology provided by Positive software. The advantage is mainly that they provide a web interface to generete guest OSes. The cons is that it is not free for commercial purposes. see you later for more infos.

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