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I own & run the UK Debian FTP mirror.
I've been a Debian developer since 1996 and was a member of the Debian System Administrators (DSA) team for about a decade
I've run
my own software consultancy since 1993, selling support
and consultancy for *nix systems. These days my living
comes exclusively from supporting Free Software, mostly
Debian GNU/Linux, so if you're wondering if it's possible
to put bread on the table with Free Software, I'm living
proof that it is :-)
Not only that, but I've managed to
cleanse my systems of non-free software, and only stray from
that to do things like play the occasional region-coded DVD.


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EOMA68: > $60k pledged on crowdsupply.com

crowdsupply.com has a campaign to fund production of EOMA68 computer cards (and associated peripherals) which recently passed the $60,000 mark.

If you were at DebConf13 in Switzerland, you may have seen me with some early prototypes that I had been lent to show people.

The inside of the A20 EOMA68 computer board

The inside of the A20 EOMA68 computer board

The concept: build computers on a PCMCIA physical form-factor, thus confining most of the hardware and software complexity in a single replaceable item, decoupling the design of the outer device from the chips that drive it.

EOMA68 pack-shot

EOMA68 pack-shot

There is a lot more information about this at crowdsupply, and at http://rhombus-tech.net/ -- I hope people find it interesting enough to sign up.

BTW While I host Rhombus Tech's website as a favour to Luke Leighton, I have no financial links with them.

Syndicated 2016-08-04 22:04:02 from chezfil

The future arrived, again!

I am reminded by Gunnar's wonderful news that I have been very remiss in publishing my own.

Mathilda Sophie Hands, our second daughter, was delivered on the 9th of January.

Her arrival was a little more interesting than we'd have preferred (with Gunde being suddenly diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome), but all has turned out well, with Gunde bouncing back to health surprisingly quickly, and Mathilde going from very skinny to positively chubby in a few short weeks, so no harm done.

Today Mathilda produced her first on-camera smile.

Matilda, smiling on camera for the first time

It's lovely when they start smiling. It seems to signal that there's a proper little person beginning to take shape.

Syndicated 2015-03-04 22:04:17 from chezfil

AllTrials campaign

Ben Goldacre (Bad Science), is running a campaign for all medical trials to be published.

It seems that best current evidence indicates that about half of the trials for treatments currently in use remain unpublished.

That's pretty astounding when you think about it. Given that many of the trials that are published only compare new treatments against placebo, rather than against the best available existing treatment, and often barely show them as being more effective than homeopathy^Wsugar, one has to wonder how dire were the results that are not being published.

If you prefer to have science done in the open, then I'd encourage you to visit www.alltrials.net and sign the petition and/or give them a donation.

The fix is pretty straight-forward: Simply insist that clinical trials have to register before they start in order to be considered valid, and that all registered trials have to report their results. It need not be expensive to do -- a git repo. shared across the industry, containing a file for each trial in a standard format would do the trick probably. I imagine they'll come up with a more expensive solution, but in comparison to the cost of running a decent sized trial, it'll still be pocket change.

(A note from the campaign, sent to existing petition signatories, is what prompted this blog post -- please read it and be inspired to help)

Syndicated 2013-04-05 20:14:14 from chezfil

The future arrived

... a week ago, in the shape of Alexandra Daphne Scholz, my enchanting daughter.

A proud father shows the world his adorable 6 day old daughter

She seems to have inherited my hairstyle.

Gundemarie Scholz (my wife) and she are both doing remarkably well, to the extent that they both keep surprising medical staff with their rapid progress.

For those of you that care about such things: She was 2.9Kg (6lb 6oz) at birth, and 49cm (1'7") tall ... or should that be "long", given that she's not doing so much standing up as yet? What she is doing is sleeping, breast feeding, and excreting ... rather a lot.

Between times, it's mostly gurgling cheerfully, looking around at the world, and attempting to study her own hands -- I find her completely fascinating.

That being the case, don't expect anything very sensible out of me for the foreseeable future (so no change there, eh? ;-) )

and because I cannot resist the urge, here are a few more snaps of her:

Alexandra in the Neonatal unit, having a well earned nap when a day old Alexandra in the Neonatal unit, looking around at the world Alexandra snuggled up in bed this morning

As you can see, at only one day old, it seems that she'd already managed to get hold of the Amulet of Yendor, and was having a well earned nap ;-)

Syndicated 2012-01-25 23:26:58 from chezfil

Listening to the future

Having designed the 3D model for a Pinard Horn (Foetoscope) last night, I printed it out and went to bed.

Old wooden and Newly printed foetoscopes, on a Prusa Mendel 3D printer

This morning I applied it to Gunde's bump, and listened to my unborn daughter's heartbeat. I'm almost jealous of her for the exciting times she's being born into. :-)

Syndicated 2012-01-07 21:53:39 from chezfil

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