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I'm a comp-sci student at UVic. I'm sick and tired of csc courses taking my time away from coding and would rather have money work taking free time away.
Please email me if you have anything interesting to say about stuff that gets mentioned in here.
I'm an almost lead developer on the funnest little project called j-alice.


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Desert Spring-Time
I have not blogged in a while, but we are still making progress. I have started rewriting the network driver in OCaml. At the same time we are working on the vector-based GUI. For more info see the better OCaml OS blog.
3 Jan 2005 (updated 4 Jan 2005 at 04:34 UTC) »
Desert Spring-Time
Me and my friend are writing an OS. Plan is to have most of it done in OCaml. I stole a simple network driver and am writing the network stack in OCaml.
I have never been so productive in my life. Here is what svn log says about my progress:
  • Monday-Tuesday - Getting network driver to work
  • Tuesday - Network driver is alive
  • Wednesday - ARP replies work
  • Thursday - ping works
  • Friday - I took a break for New Year
  • Saturday - UDP packets can be sent out
  • Sunday - DHCP negotiation works
Conclusion: coding in a functional language is addictive. It's way too much fun.

Functional Programming
joolean you are thinking of currying. I don't know much Scheme, but you can emulate currying. Here is a curry routine for JavaScript.

function curry(fun, param) {
  function n(param2) {
   return fun(param,param2)
  return n;

I implemented a similarity-search plugin for iRATE. With a correctly configured plugin one can pick any song and discover music that sounds similar. Unfortunately, most users find following installation instructions tiring and end up with a non-working plugin. I have to address that issue.
I wish users would just do the Right Thing(tm).

I used to be faily excited about mono. However the religious ms is gonna get us propaganda is getting on my nerves. I have no problem with Ximian making a .NET implementation. However I do find it disguisting that they are dissing Java/Sun like there is no tommorrow and portray any Microsoft vaporware as world-changing technology.
Miguels big deployment rant boils down to "in the future Microsoft will allow deploying fat client applications from the web." There is a technology that allows running fat clients with advanced 2D/3D/etc capabilities from a web browser. It's called WebStart and it has been in use for several years now.
So please remember that Miguel has a personal agenda of promoting their .NET port at the cost of distoring reality. Most of the things Miguel talks about have already been put together into Java 1.[45] and they don't require us to wait for Ximian to finish their Mono take on them.

Well, I had a much lower opinion on the state of java web development until I read Microsoft's own comparison of it with ASP.NET. Propaganda aside, that article says that Struts match every ASP.NET feature. That's pretty impressive given that this is coming from Microsoft.

Note: I'm not a Java nut. However, I've developed an appreciation for it after seeing what the rest of the programming environments provide/require. Java is not a universal solution. It just set the standard for the currently hyped platform features. Hopefully the language hype will move on to something other than better versions of Java

ncm OSS world is not pleading for anything. It's just one "out of touch" person whining for publicity.
Most java users don't care about ESR's attention grabbing. Even Sun doesn't seem to care about him and the nonsense that comes out of him.
"Letters" like that are just PR to feed the "java sux" and "java sux, I can do it in perl" types.
In any case, if you don't belive in a particular technology, stop whining about it. Just go use anything else that you like. Nobody is forcing anyone to get warm&fuzzy feelings about Java. It's a tool, not a religion, it gets the job done.

We released the long delayed 0.3. Currently work is being done on finishing the server and redoing the GUI.

I've decided that in the future it just won't be worthile for me to get non-linux appliances.
Many of the current breeds of 802.11g routers run linux and can be customized like any linux box. These things are a really great & affordable way to learn about embedded linux and non-x86 architectures. They also make great platforms for exploring ideas and hobby projects. Linksys wr54g is easy to find and cheap. However asus wl500 is even cooler due to a host usb controller on it. It can work with a great number of usb gadgets. Hmm, wonder what use plugging in a usb mouse into a wireless router would be.
I suspect the same will hold for linux phones when they become generally available. Those of us who want to tinker with every software thing will find them to be much more exciting toys than silly proprietory alternatives with no room for creativity.

We are nearing a new release. Current iRATE codebase is considerably more polished and usable than the last release.
Mockups needed - we would like to improve the UI after this release out. If you have any GUI talent, please sketch some ideas and send them(as pictures) to the mailing list. Feel free to reinvent the UI completely. We are looking for an innovative(but mainly intuitive) solution. Current UI is written by programmers and it shows.

Lunacy Cruise
On a completely unrelated note, linux lunacy people stopped by last year and did a Q&A session at my LUG.
This photo of my most wonderful woman was taken by one of the speakers. Does anybody know who the photographer was? He did a damn good job.
Pardon the silly dhtml trick.

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