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I'm a happy KDE developer :)

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Ok, enough is enough :) Over 76 worm attack attempts of code red on a home machine - is that normal or what ?

Anyway, had a good time at the birthday party. Frank got a mobile phone as a present. Now we can bug him with SMS and calling his number, then hanging off on the first ring :))

Although the day started with rain, it went quite well over the day. But tonight a short shower during our barbeque wasn't what was needed. At least we were done with eating so that wasn't much of a problem. It stopped within a couple of minutes so we could go outside again. Went home by train, got here, raining cats and dogs. I hope tomorrow will bring better weather, at least over the weekend so I can go to the fair on monday.

Whoohoo! I got 57 !!! CodeRed worm attempts on my machine! Isn't that amazing ? I just checked. This morning it were 33, when I returned from my colleagues it were 46 and now 57. Tomorrow it will be over 70 I guess. When does this crap end ? Probably when all infected IIS severs are rebooted :)

Anyway, printed out the whole stuff I need for learning over the next weeks. Quite some pages, I hope it's worth the trouble with StarOffice's import filter. Why do students use Word instead of Latex and a pdf file ???

Went to the fun fair tonight. First time since it's up this week. Met some former colleagues of the electrical power company I worked for here in the high voltage section. Was fun to see them all again. We went over the beer pubs the whole evening so it's almost a miracle I can still type so fast and (hopefully) correct :)

Tomorrow another birthday party for Frank. I hope he isn't too depressed that he turned 26 last week :) Barbeque will be fun as always I guess. And Anja announced to go with me over the funfair on the weekend probably. We'll phone again tomorrow. Then, monday I'm supposed to go down to my parents for another fair. The most famous of the year. 2000 people and lots of beer and music. That will be fun. Especially as I'm probably supposed to drink a whole lot of beer again like last year. Hmmm...I wanted to loose weight instead of gaining :) But probably I can't resist.

I think the relaxing of the last days in terms of taking care and thinking about everything did me some good. The shaking I had in my left hand's two leftmost fingers didn't occur since monday or tuesday. It was time for that. I hate my fingers shaking like (who was it?) in the Saving Private Ryan movie.

1 Aug 2001 (updated 1 Aug 2001 at 20:08 UTC) »

Now I take my time to add something *today* :)

Got the new TFT monitor from David on monday. Works brilliant and finally a good solution to work on the laptop remotely on a much more ergonomic way.

Things have gotten back to normal since KDE 2.2 has been tagged and the last fixes go in. I can only monitor what's going on on the mailinglist because I have not much more time to respond - and not the energy. Whats fine is that Leon put up a website with the detailed info about his prelink patch:


I should update my website to point there.

When I returned home past 7pm I originally wanted to go to the fair that's happening here this week since last saturday. I hadn't had the time to go there yet and though I originally wanted to go on sunday after the F1 race, I didn't as I went walking for 2 and a half hours. In the forest, I had flies around me which I tried to get off with my hat. I managed to throw at my glasses with the hat and I ended up with having them broken. It couldn't be fixed as the holder was damaged anyway already by me stepping on the glasses while looking for them....to bad, those glasses were titan-flex, cost a lot and I liked the robustness. Went to the optician on monday to get new ones, ended up with reusing the glasses and just buying a new holder. Left the glasses there until I could get them back yesterday. All in all I lost quite some time unfortunately but I hope to catch this up on the weekend. The new ones are quite good and I like wearing them. At least that can be expected for a pair of 236 DM repair...

Didn't go to the fair, still. Maybe tomorrow, maybe over the weekend. I'm supposed to visit my parents by sunday, but maybe I'll stay here and work until monday night when there is another fair at their place that is very famous and the best day is next monday. I will be very drunk if I go so I can't expect to come back here by car until tuesday evening. I'm not yet sure do to it or not.

Took my time to watch that "opposite of sex" movie last night. I had quite some good laughs so I would like to see the non-synchronized version once. Later last night I watched StarWars the return of the jedi which came on TV. There`s nothing better than watching those movies without ads. Enyoyed it a lot, though I *think* I fell asleep on the couch again. I really don't remember, it's happening so often the last weeks and month...I really need someone throwing me off the couch when I fall asleep and drag me to bed.

Ha! KDE did it again! someone thought over the problem with prelinking and the startup speed of KDE apps aside the current plan from the gcc people to make the ld linker optimize the apps and libs for dynamic linking. He posted a patch with a clear description how to apply it. It's actually not a patch, but a program that is to be run over the object files (*.o) after a make, then touch all object files and run make again to link libraries/applications. The speed improvement is *very* significant. As some people didn't have it handy on IRC, I just put that stuff on my webserver and added a link: http://kandalf.homeip.net. Just follow the link and read the file prelink which is a copy of the mail, and compile objprelink1.c.gz, which is an updated version that has been sent in later yesterday. I used it on my machine and it's *incredibly* fast now. It seems that in terms of speed, KDE apps will finally be able to compete with Microsoft apps under Windows, even though the graphics subsystem on UNIX is not inside the kernel :))

One thing that sucks about this diary is that the cursor moves a bit slowly. I really think moving this diary to my own webserver would be a good idea and just leaving the link here. Uhm...that requires cgi-scripting, right ? :) And a database to hold the contents, right ? :) Could you advogato people send me your cgi-scripts ? :))

Anyway, I tried ktexmaker2 yesterday with that LJ article. Noticed I didn't have latex installed on the laptop while I read over that article in the train. And I didn't have the listings which were on separate sites. Now I fixed that and I can finally start using latex a bit. I think I need to learn that anyway because I will need that for my thesis and that semester report that I have still open to write for Uni. It will be fun, definetly. I would really suggest taking ktexmaker into KDE and enhance it on several places. There could be templates and some of the very first, basic things mentioned in the tutorial from the LJ are missing in the menus. Auto-completion would be nice as well, so you get a popup for the available commands and you don't make so many errors that require you to fix them. Also, the output could be inside a terminal window inside the program, not in an external. Clicking on an error line would set the cursor there and so on. Eeek! Wait, that's what KDevelop does for programming! Couldn't someone just add a plugin for that stuff and write up some templates for all kinds of latex documents, say, book, article, report, slides and letter ? The locale could be asked for the paper format to set a default on that. Well, if noone else is up for it, my diary saves at least my ideas.

ah, a long day is over again. Time passes by quickly which is good for some parts, for others it isn't. I really would like to enjoy the good weather but it seems that life doesn't want me to do that since quite some years now :)

Had a good day yesterday with the KDE 3 announcement at www.pro-linux.de. Lots of people mailed they want to help on KDE programming and quality enhancement. Good result for one day of head-hunting.

Now, I actually thought about reading something about cgi-scripts and do my diary on my own webserver now :) That'd be fun. There's so many things that you can do with a server, it's amazing. Unfortunately you're never interested until it affects you and you have the possibility to do it right away in your own room, on your machine! /me is amazed :)

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