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Why is the sky looking like the Matrix? is it just me, or is black too much light for the human eye?......Hm Im wondering what Real life is like...guess i'll never know. Hate when people think ima girl.......Kim IS a BOYS least in Denmark where i live at the moment. well, im just a fulltime geek, doing geeky stuff like supporting Linux and all opensource thingies, hanging out on IRC with the GNOME guys and ofcause programming all day if I can get away with it :o)
My CV can be found HERE if you are interested in that kind of stuff.
Currently im working on the folliwing projects:

  • GUADEC 2002 (it's being held in sevilla, Spain, 6-8 of April 2002)
  • Trashcan script for Nautilus
  • Translating Gnome and redhat stuff into Danish


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Woah is't been a while since I last wrote here. I had forgotten all about advogato in my daily rush of projects.

Currently im working on ALOT of stuff. Beside all my School projects (like coding a boardgame with intelligent AI in JAVA), im working on patches for the Totally cool and speedy email client Sylpheed-claws (evolution go home!). Im also working on a program of my own. Its called Multinet and is a fast network changer for laptop users (point and click interface written in C and GTK+). It's made so I dont have to change network settings manually every time im logging on a new network. At my Campus we are working at a communications program called Mecka, and Im doing the GUI for Linux (it's build in layers for networking, interaction and gui). Im sure this program will be m y biggest program til today.

Life is hard....
.....when you have tooooo much to do!
Hmmm this is getting kinda tireing. At the moment im working 20 hours a day on getting GUADEC 2001 up and running.
Besides the Conference planning I still have school and work to do, so im just about to get all stressed out.
At the moment most of the conference things are up and running, but we still need to find videocameras and microphones (for the streaming video) and that seems like it's gonna be a biiiig problem.
Anyways! im really looking forward to meeting all the Gnome hackers from around the world, and hopefully I will get enough time to see at least some of the session at the conference. Im glad that my Girlfriend lives a couple of hours away so she doesnt see me right now (im looking like a monster after 2 days with no sleep and baths). I have a couple of days to fix myself up before she will be around again.

Not much going on because of the time presure the conference is putting me in. I have been working with some Object Oriented Query language for a database project in school. I never thought I should say this, but "SQL is fucking sweet compared to this".
Could someone blease give me a crashcourse in Glade? I have been trying for hours to compile a simple 1 button test project which was made in Glade. Et keeps giving me errors about the gnome.m4 file and some other aclocal stuff - Like it cant find the freaking files (which are all there!).
GUADEC is on the way.....
....if we can get any sponsors.
OK! The GUADEC2 is on the way, and we (kanikus, me and some other dudes) are working hard to get it all ready before it's too late... Our biggest problem is to get Sponsors, so if you know any companies that would like to sponsor us (all the money goes to travel expenses for the hackers, hotel expenses, room reservations, posters etc.) then please contact us at or on the guadec list at

I have changed school, so now in studying to become an Computer science engenier. Actually it's not that big a change, because its only a mater of how my schedule is being made and how many years it takes to finish.
Anyway! it gives me the opputunity to have classes like "how to make Linux Device drivers" or "advanced Database programming" or "GUI development for the industry".

I have been working on some small projects........My Dream about making a MP3 jukebox is finally realized -and it realy rocks. It is build-in into a closet, and it streams music to a bounch of people on my dorm. I have a small lcd display in the wall showing info about the music, numbers of listners etc. Finally theres a nice webinterface, where you can make individual playlists (it makes a new stream for each playlist), vote for songs, download the songs and ofcause do the normal play stop and forward reward stuff.
I have also started making my own hompage again (family stuff etc.) and a projects site ( when it comes up). This takes a while though, because I have to work alot besides school, and that doesnt give me much spare time.

Damn it's been a while since I last posted inhere. There has been a milion things to do lately.
First of all, the Exames are near, and I have to read up alot because I have spend most of my time playing around with linux projects.
My biggest project right now is the GUADEC 2001 conference, which we have to get ready within April. Theres ALOT of work to do - especially getting sponsors for all the elite hackers we want to invite (if you think you should be on our list, then mail me or kanikus about it). There will be alot of workshops and talks at the Conference, and I hope it will be great.
Oh by the way! I did my first veryown Gnome program the other day(I usually just patch others code for better performance og i18n compabilities). It started out as a small helloworld program, but ended as a Laptop network utility I have been missing for a very long. time. Basically it keeps a network setting for my home, my parents home, my school and my job, and I can add and delete networks from /to it. I then just have to press "update network" and it changes the network settings so that they fit the ones of the current network im on. Nice HUH! :o) Well it's not even halfdone yet, bit It compiled the first time without any problems, and I have the gui and some of the Core ready.
More about this later... I also did my big SML project at school. An image manipulation Library that could transform an coordinate-line image in alot of ways, and finally print it to a ps/eps file for viewing. If anyone want the code then just mail me and ask - It's only around 250 lines or so.
The Nautilus trash program is nov 90% converted to C, and I have parsed my first xml files with it. I actually Liked LibXML when I got used to it (now I just need to get better allocating mem in C, which im not used to from C++).
Hmmm enough for's 4:15AM and Im kinda tired.

asp is ok....
....but PHP is better!
Today I convinced the company Im freelancing for to convert from ASP to PHP. The best part of this is that it gives me alot of workinghours with good payment.
I also gat another new job as IT security cunsultant for a security firm in Denmark - Only problem now is that I have to stop calling "coding" for Hacking, because the customers gets scared when I say I will hack it for them :o)

I have added myself to the i18n team of the project, and expect to do some work there later on. Im currently too busy to do anything other than muy work, but that should change rapidly soon - at least I hope so. kanikus should be finished making the xml2pot script we were working on, and im almost half done converting the first of the Nautilus Console Scripts into C (from PERL). My only problem is the Parser part, and the LibXML support (which I must Have fucked up somewhere).

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