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Linux driver developer and network stack munger.
Known to have Perl related tendancies, though not adverse to such oddities as Python, C++, Java, etc, as long as it involves working on Unix type operating systems.

Former employee of LSI Logic, now gainfully unemployed due to massive layoffs. Spent an indeterminate time (first cvs commit message is dated 2000/02/24, so add a bit for general mucking about and being confused) developing and maintaining a network driver for LSI's MPT Fusion adapters. For those that are interested, yes, the driver is released under the GPL and, as of 2.4.6, it's in the main (Linus) kernel (it spent close to a year in the -ac patch series). I also functioned as a CM Gopher (my original job responsibility) and general Linux Whipping Boy.

Please note: The writings below are my own personal opinions (which are, themselves subject to change w/o notice) on subjects related and unrelated to my work, and most likely bear little resemblance to the opinions of any company I've ever worked for. If you feel the need for a quote regarding any such company, please consider the fact that I'm not now, nor have ever been, an official representative of said companies. Thanks.

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We're all slaves to something/someone. The thing is, will you even make a choice? Most people are in denial, afraid to even think about it. Then you've got those who're chasing some elusive concept of "complete freedom." In the process, they become slaves to every new bit of freedom philosophy that comes along. "If only I do/have this, then I'll be free. If I resist here, then I'll be free." Problem is, they've become slaves to themselves, slaves to the quest for [pleasure|money|health|power|no strings|$(.*)^], and that's the harshest master around.

Recert'd myself as an Apprentice. I don't feel that Journeyer is appropriate anymore. Haven't worked on the MPT Fusion driver for over a month and a half, and can't seem to bring myself to actually start coding on anything else (new or existing).

SyntaxPolice: If dragging a folder just passes a directory handle, as opposed to a sorted list of files, that would explain the ordering issues. If I were a betting man (which I'm not), I'd bet the songs were getting played in order of creation/last modification when you drag a folder.

dmerrill: Not to worry. If some hoser snatches the linuxdoc.org domain, all that has to be done is to make it not worth his while to own it. One just has to make it more expensive than he/she/they can afford. ISP costs can become very high when a site is getting hammered with enough traffic to flood a few OC-3s.

Not too much to say about my end of things (whatever those things may be). Still job hunting. The game is scarce and the hunters are many.

Went to Barnes & Noble the other day. Noticed, for the first time in a long time, a copy of Fahrenheit 451 on the shelves that did not have to phrase "The temperature at which books burn" on the cover. Hallelujah! Almost bought it (I've been waiting a long time to get a new copy, just to avoid that bloody insult on the cover), but I don't have a whole lot of money and it came down to Fahrenheit 451 and a book of poetry by Seamus Heaney, Seeing Things. As I've read Fahrenheit 451 many times, but had never seen the Heaney book before, I'll have to wait a bit for Fahrenheit 451.

Right now, I'm reading Excession, by Iain M. Banks. As I've come to expect from Iain Banks, it's awesome (in many senses of the word). One of his many "Culture" novels.

`Lo sralston, AKA Steve. Good to see you here on Advogato. One cert down, . . .

Got distracted from xmms yesterday when I noticed the "Invisible IRC Project" listed on the CodeCon website. v1 is pretty much "encrypted, hopefully anonymized, IRC." v2 (in development), is what I'm interested in. Sounds like some ideas I tossed around (bad follow through) for a distributed, encrypted, chat system. One thing that I ran into was how to avoid dupe sends of the same message between systems that are acting as servers. Obviously, don't send it to the system you got it from, but I was also thinking about using a 32bit CRC or md5sum for the message along with a TTL. The sum could be used both for error detection and by transmitting the sum ahead of the message, the receiving server can say "already got that." Next question is: for the average size of chat/irc messages, is the computation+transmission overhead of an additional checksum worth it?

Been trying come up with an elegant, or, at least, not incredibly ugly, solution to the "problem" of how to take xmms playlist info and asynchronously push it out to a different system from within a xmms plugin. The initial solution (some months back) was to use xmms-infopipe and then run a bit of perl code every couple of minutes (via cron) that grabbed the xmms-infopipe output, munged it and then ssh'd it out to the remote location. Besides being ugly, that has the issue of running when there's no need to update, or, if the time interval is large enough, completely missing some sections of the playlist. I'd hoped to be able to find a "new song/track" notification in the xmms api but no such luck. That leaves a plugin that does polling.

Still trying to figure out why I'm getting large amounts of "popping" on cd's that I rip using my new system. If I turn around and rip them on the old system, no pops. It's either the cable running to the cd and dvd drives or the drives themselves. Don't think it's the drives, as I can rip from either drive and get the same result. Guess I'll have to buy a different SCSI-2 cable and see if that makes any difference.

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