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Wow, I haven't posted in forever. When did I become a master?

I have been working on some weblogging software for my own personal use lately, I am currently calling it transtator, but if I come up with a better name I may change it. I am currently using it to run my weblog. It is still very rough, but it works. It supports xmlStorageSystem, and I have used it to upstream to PyCS and RCS. It is has been progressing pretty fast, and it really does somethings very well. I am hoping to make something that works better than Radio, at least for me. There is a link to a tarball with a few day old source on my page, I will be updating as a pass milestones. I am under the impression there is an xml-rpc interface to advogato, if there is I will have to write an upstreamer for module for it ;-)

I presented my paper at BSDCon yesterday. It went pretty well, but I could have done better. I should have started preparing my slides more than a few hours before the speech ;-) People seemed to be interested in it. Most of the talks I am interested in are happening today (particularly the filesystem related ones). Its been a fun conference.

It official, I am speaking at BSDCon ;-) My talk is listed in the flyer (the title has since changed, by the idea is basically the same). It should be fun ;-) If your interested check it out.

I am finally back on the net, stupid AT&T @home bickering. My wireless router is being really stupid, it appears to be setting its netmask wrong when it gets an address via DHCP, and I can't just set that and pull the rest via DHCP, so I thouight I would need to use a wired connection, which would suck since my cablemodem and router are not conveniently located.

I accidentally plugged my cablemodem into one of the lan ports instead of the wan port on the router, and all of the sudden it worked. Even stranger, my system is pulling an IP directly from AT&T, not through the routers builtin nat. It looks like the lan ports and the wireless are all on oneside of the systems interlink (calling it fabric would imply that the product had some sort of quality). I need to sit down and check the DHCP packets and see if AT&T is giving out malformed DHCP packets, or if linksys's firmware is just entirely broken. At this point, I am going to guess both 8-(

I finished up and submitted my paper for BSDCon. I think it should be fine, which means I will probably be presenting a talk there this year. I always love talking about Mac OS X in those sorts of crowds. Despite the fact that it has some problems, it is a Unix, and it is opensource, and people seem to react well to it ;-)

I bought a new IBook, decked out, 640MB of ram, and a 30Gig drive. It is really nice. I thought about getting a Titanium for a while, but quite frankly the G4 probably would not have done much for me. The highend TiBook has a 48GB 5400 RPM drive, which probably would made a lot of building go faster (I am pretty sure I am currently I/O bound). In the end I like the iBook size better. Being able to burn CDs and watch DVDs while on a plane is also nice ;-)

I did some hacks to the bootloader so that I can keep OS X and OS 9 on the same partition, but still see them both in the OF boot chooser, which is really useful. Maybe I will post some instructions sometime, but since it involves moving aorund partitions and other nasty things it kind of complex. At first I thought you could do it with the normal stuff just very strangely arranged, but in the end I needed to build a custom BootX.

I also ripped my entire CD collection. I ordered an iPod, which should be here soon. I want to be ready when it gets here, I hope it arrives before my trip back to the east coast for thanksgiving.

Unfortunately what I have been working on lately is not opensource, which is annoying, but I should be back to my usual stuff soon. It has been a fun side trip, but I like being out in the open more.

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