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Gmail on Home Linux Box using Postfix and Fetchmail If
you have a Google Gmail account, you can relay mail from
your home linux system. It's a good exercise in configuring
Postfix with TLS and SASL. Plus, you will learn how to
bring down the mail safely, using fetchmail with the
"sslcertck" option, that is, after you have verify and
copied the necessary certificates. You'll learn it all from
this tutorial. And you'll have Gmail running on your local
Postfix MTA. There is also a follow-up article href=>
Postfix 2nd Instance for Sender-based Routing: Multiple
Gmail and Comcast Accounts.

Firewalls with OpenSSH and PuTTY: If the system
administrator deliberately filters out all traffic except
port 22 (ssh), to a single server, it is very likely that
you can still gain access other computers behind the
firewall. This article shows how remote Linux and Windows
users can gain access to firewalled samba, mail, and http
servers. In essence, it shows how openSSH and Putty can be
used as a VPN solution for your home or workplace.

Create a
Live Linux CD - BusyBox and OpenSSH Included : These
steps will show you how to create a functioning Linux
system, with the latest 2.6 kernel compiled from source,
and how to integrate the BusyBox utilities including the
installation of DHCP. Plus, how to compile in the OpenSSH
package on this CD based system. On system boot-up a
filesystem will be created and the contents from the CD
will be uncompressed and completely loaded into RAM -- the
CD could be removed at this point for boot-up on a second
computer. The remaining functioning system will have full
ssh capabilities. You can take over any PC assuming, of
course, you have configured the kernel with the appropriate
drivers and the PC can boot from a CD. This tutorial
steps you through the whole processes.

Tutorial : This article explores the power and
simplicity of sqlite3, first by starting with common
commands and triggers, then the attach statement with the
union operation is introduced in a way that allows multiple
tables, in separate databases, to be combined as one
virtual table, without the overhead of copying or moving
data. Next, the simple sign function and the amazingly
powerful trick of using this function in SQL select
statements to solve complex queries with a single pass
through the data is demonstrated, after making a brief
mathematical case for how the sign function defines the
absolute value and IF conditions.

Lemon Parser Tutorial: This article explains how to
build grammars and programs using the lemon parser, which
is faster than yacc. And, unlike yacc, it is thread safe.

to Compile the 2.6 kernel for RedHat 9 and 8.0 and get
Fedora Updates: This is a step by step tutorial on how
to compile the 2.6 kernel from source.

System Admin Tips: There are over 200 linux tips and
tricks in this article. This article is updated weekly.

Filesystem: Building A Linux Filesystem From An Ordinary
File. You can take a disk file, format it as ext2,
ext3, or reiser filesystem and then mount it, just like a
physical drive. Yes, it then possible to read and write
files to this newly mounted device. You can also copy the
complete filesystem, since it is just a file, to another
computer. If security is an issue, read on. This article
will show you how to encrypt the filesystem, and mount it
with ACL (Access Control Lists), which give you rights
beyond the traditional read (r) write (w) and execute (x)
for the 3 user groups file, owner and other.

With Time: What? There are 61 seconds in a minute? We
can go back in time? We still tell time by the sun?


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Dec 31 18:59:59 kernel: Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC

11 Nov 2008 (updated 11 Nov 2008 at 15:17 UTC) »

I'm starting to understand the hype about twitter. They were smart opening up their API to a simple bash script. See below for a sample that allows you to easily tweet from the command line.

curl -s -u username:password -d status="${TEXT}" >/dev/null

I guess the value comes from finding interesting people to follow. Suggestions?

7 Nov 2008 (updated 7 Nov 2008 at 01:14 UTC) »
Project Euler (

I've solved 50 problems at this site, and I'm not even rated as a novice. Instead, I'm a level 2 cube. You're not considered an expert until you hit level 5, which requires you to solve over 200 problems. So, it looks like I'll be at it for awhile.

The problems require the use of induction and the use of a computer. My language of choice for this is Python, but you'll see, once you enter your answer, how other people have solved the problem. Some people use assembly.

You might want to take a quick look see. Careful, it's addictive.

Linksys SRW248G4 (Switch) - Dumped for Soekris net5501

I wasn't happy with Linksys SRW248G4 switch. After using it for over a year, which is the length of the warranty, it slowly began to fail. It finally got to the point where it would only handle 10baseT/Half, and even with that setting, a lot of packets were dropped. In addition, the ssh interface is limited. Instead, the main interface is an http interface which requires Microsoft's IE (with low security for ActiveX controls).

So, I replaced the Linksys switch with a Soekris Net5501 computer, with SanDisk Extreme III 8.0GB CompactFlash card,a wireless mPCI card from Netgate( 802.11a/b/g), and a lan1641 (PCI Quad ethernet board). You have to install an operating system on the device. A lot of people choose OpenBSD, but Linux (Fedora 8 with a custom kernel config) works just fine.

The first thing that impressed me was lack of noise. Since the Soekris Net5501 doesn't require a fan, it's completely silent. Second, you get complete control over the setup -- how you're going to handle bridging, firewall rules and additional software. There is enough power on the device to run a mail server, Apache, and even compile programs on the device in a reasonable amount of time. In fact, I ended up compiling Postfix from source directly on the device. For kicks I compiled the Linux kernel, but that took the better part of the night. This device is really a small computer (bogomips 999.79).

29 May 2008 (updated 29 May 2008 at 14:46 UTC) »
Google App Engine

Anyone can sign up and use the Google App Engine. It works nicely on Linux.

You have to have Python 2.5, and you download their Software Development Kit. The applications that you build are in Python. After testing the application locally, it can be uploaded to Google. Of course, you can also point your own domain name to where the application lives as well, so no one will know that you're using Google.

Yeah, they do limit the amount of content to 500MB, which is enough for development. They're talking about increasing the content for a fee. So, you have plenty of space for development; but, when you land a contract, for your work, you'll have the option to increase the amount of space and pass the expense along to the client.

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