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Questions to be answered by the introspector

Here I propose a set of questions relevant to RDF and OWL that need to be answered for the introspector to work efffectivly

I have now been able to get the introspector perl scripts to run on the output of rdfproc, a part of redland. All you need to use this now are just the redland, and there are debian packages for them. You can use many tools on this rdf, take a look at for more information

You are going to want these packages for debian. librdf-perl - Perl language bindings for the Redland RDF library librdf0 - Redland RDF Application Framework librdf0-dev - Redland RDF library development libraries and headers libraptor1 - Raptor RDF Parser library libraptor1-dev - Raptor RDF parser and serializer development libraries and headers

Here are some good example data files : c-dump ntriples rdfxml example

These are two forms of rdf, ntriple and rdf/xml. You can use them with the introspector like this, example given with the ntriples :

1. gunzip the file gunzip c-dump.rdf.gz

2. make a redland repository rdfproc Global parse ntriples file:/ The Global is the name of the repository file:/ is the base address that can be what ever uri you want

That will create a repository in the current directory using berkleydb 6.2M Global-po2s.db -- predicate object index (used to find by field) 9.0M Global-so2p.db -- subject -object index (not used) 9.5M Global-sp2o.db -- subeject predicate index (graph traversal) 25M total

So you have about 9mb of indexes for a 500k zipped ntriples file.

The unpacked sizes are here : 13M Nov 28 15:34 c-dump.rdf 4.7M Nov 28 15:34 c-dump.ntriples

wc(wordcount) on c-dump.ntriples gives lines 96,818, words 387,292, chars 4,846,776

The original source file (expanded with headers) lines 13,270 words 27,221 chars 260,051(254K from ls) c-dump.i

So we are talking about 10x increase in size for indexing.

For example, i have installed the introspector into my home dir : /home/mdupont/EXPERIMENTS/introspector/introspector-0.7 The cvs version is up to date, You can download the release here from

so, to use it Go to the directory containing the rdf database files perl -I/home/mdupont/EXPERIMENTS/introspector/introspector-0.7 ~/EXPERIMENTS/introspector/introspector-0.7/ node_types:function_decl file:/

the node_types:function_decl is the node types that i am looking for, other interesting ones can be found in the Introspector/ file.

I hope that you take some time and play around with the introspector. It is not running perfect, but fast!

Dear Richard Baumann,

You were trolling on slashdot, and insulting me in a Cowardly way. Here is my response!

You wrote ""By the way, you forgot to mention that you were unbanned from the project.""

I think you are imagining things again, when was that?

And nice trick with downmodding my thread. Great job, that way you can make sure that people dont find out the truth.

In fact, I cannot even reply to your lies. That seems to be your defense. Gagging and Blocking the truth. Great job, Do you think that you can get away with that for long?

It is only a matter of time until the truth will come out.

I guess I need to get a gang of people to mod *up* my thread. You know, normally you cannot mod up and down things on your own thread. But if you have enough people to help then it is not a problem.

You wrote : ""You harassed Rhys so much he almost left the project completely just so he wouldn't have to deal with you anymore."" Well, I was happy to be off the mailling list, the only thing that really is a problem is when bugs are being hidden from the public.

I was one of the stupid people who believed in dotgnu, I believed in pnet/c. I used it and it did not do what it promised. Infact it could not compile anything of value to me.

What did I do? I reported the bugs. So what if I could not fix them myself.

What did Rhys do? He fixed the bugs, and quickly!!

but at the same time said that my contributions are worth *ZERO* nothing, nada.

Why would he constantly fix these bugs, and spend time on things that are worthless?

Because they were not worthless. The point is that rhys is being two faced and backpeddling. That is just another sign of bad management practices.

You wrote : ""Does attempted blackmail ring a bell?""

I will find someway to make sure that your unfair practices get enough publicity, just wait. That is not blackmail, that is what you get back when you kick someone too often!


Because my comments about pnet where modded down to nothing as offtopic, I think that I need a place to post my complaint.

I would like to Just wanted to point out that I have produced the most bug reports for pnet at the time (currently 54 bug reports in the system ).

One good thing I have to say about Rhsy is that he fixes bugs quickly!

My sometimes harsh and questioning nature that brought me to free software is sometimes too much for people to take.

I bitched and moaned alot about dotgnu implementing patent-endanged code instead of following thier original plan.

My complaining got me banned from the project.

Now instead of accepting reports about this buggy software that would warn people that it is not usable on really challenging code (like libx11 or the gcc) that I was compiling with it.

The author rhys tried to *gag* me.

I complained to savannah about this here

In the end, he of course appreciated my valid bug report and fixed them like all the other ones.

The arguments that my bugs are not valid really dont hold water if all of them are fixed. The reality is that the software was lacking major testing, and that my reporting of all these bugs reflected that unstable state.

The funny thing it the backpedling you can find in the bug history , the bug is turned from invalid to fixed! "Mon 02/16/04 at 23:41 rweather resolution_id Invalid Fixed"

So, I would really think twice before spending your time working on pnet/c, because the developers are trying to hide bugs from you! (the ones that I reported (Real bugs))


Via Seths Gnome blogger. the blogger api server we are now able to post NEWS and Data to the introspectors blgos.

Via the XML RDF Bankend, we can publsh information.

The future of the introspector will be via huge blog databases with all the information in them.

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