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I am 23 year old guy from Lithuania. I study Computer Science in Kaunas University of Technology.

I work as a programmer for greatest IT company in Lithuania -- Alna.

For Open Source... I work most on i18n. Also I translate GNOME into Lithuanian language, try to teach other friends how to translate and get first results from them now. As a programmer I fix simple bugs and do small improvements for various GNOME apps. My favorite projects are gtranslator and GnomeICU. I have not started any new project.


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Gnome 2

Feeling really good today. Just made and announced nautilus-gtkhtml, a HTML viewer component based on GtkHTML2. It's not that much of my work -- I just ported nautilus-gtkhtml to Gnome 2.... or, better said, made nautilus component from testgtkhtml ;) Of course there are screenshots: mine and another from Carbamide. For those rare hackers who have HEAD Nautilus, you can try nautilus-gtkhtml module from CVS.


There's nothing to do... sad. So I sit at home and hack something for Gnome. Unfortunately I missed an interview today, they questioned about what people like to work with etc... So I'm just reading "Thinking in Java" book.


Waiting for Saturday, when I hope my girlfriend will visit me at home for a day. Until then, reading source code, listening to drum'n'bass, eating, sleeping and nothing more...

It looks like I haven't updated my diary for more than half a year... Does it mean I did nothing? Of course no...

I feel like being maintainer of GnomeICU :) People send me patches personally, browsing diffs through bonsai shows that only I have recently changed something in the sources. It's sad that main authors (jwise and NetHunter) don't do anything, or at least it's not visible in CVS... I would like to make a new release, but I don't have rights to do so -- change websites, announce on freshmeat, upload tarballs...

Today I fixed one bug, marked bugs as duplicate or needinfo in bugzilla, made Preferences dialog more beautiful... That's not much, but I like it.

Started to compile GNOME 2... see what happens.

tony: I'm building whole GNOME from CVS right now, with the help of scripts. You don't need to write them, check out vicious-build-scripts from GNOME CVS, read, run, wait, after several hours of compiling you can have Evolution! If everything builds... But it should. Packages do not conflict. You just need to know which branches to get stuff from. You want OAF from oaf-stable-0-6 branch, that one does not require ORBit2, and so on...

And I decided to build everything with CFLAGS='-O3 -march=i686 -mcpu=i686'...


Remembered that I can suck mp3z from Dalnet, what I was used to two years ago... While my friend gets a gigabyte of music per day over University's Ethernet, I simply cannot download that fast with simple modem. But from Dalnet it is the same speed for him as for me, because the link is more reliable.

So, I've got Sonar vinyl and half of Winterkälte album, titled "Drum N Noise". Even a title is worth downloading :) Yeah, kicks ass! dzdzdzdzdzdzdzdzdzzzzzz

Today was a bit of simple hacking day. Found a simple bug in libxml1, then in gnomeicu, fixed a bit of Evolution, backported my earlier i18n fixes to stable branch... Finally found out why Evolution composer was not working and fixed a bit of bonobo. Largely updated my translation of Evolution in both branches.

But indeed that is not much work -- just some lines of code and a bit more lines of translation. I work very slow :(

Yesterday started to rebuild my GNOME into another prefix (home dir). Today it was complete, except some apps that did not compile (eel). Uninstalled most of gnome debian packages and tried to remove my compiled and installed crap from /usr prefix. Probably much left there. The result is that i can finally type make install. So I do not do it ;) vicious-build-scripts can do this for me.

By the way it is so nice days outside.... I know it but do not feel, because sit all night behind keyboard.... bad.

Cool, hacking catches me! The downside of this is that I sleep until lunch, and work at night.

What I have done... tried to understand GAL/Evolution and fix some small issues. I suceeded in i18n of categories and importer/mail config druid's pages, but not in popup menus. Also fixed some strings in camel. Then fixed trash and executive summary icons both in folder view and shortcut bar. Browsed in Ximian Bugzilla, commented issues, resolved some bugs.

You'll say: "What's special here? I do that every day". But I am not that skilled programmer and indeed very lazy person. So I am very happy when I done anything good in a day. It takes me much time, but I learn, later I will do more in less time. I hope :) And it is pleasant to fix my most often used application, and make it better.

Again I did not ask permission to commit, but I hope they will see that something is better after recompile, and ChangeLogs say all.

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