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I have been writing open source software for the past three years. There are several functional applications available at my web site including: BIM Database Standard Edition BIM Dynamic Development Environment BIM Telnet Client BIM Obfuscator(for Java Technology source code) All of the forementioned software is free and open source. The combined efforts of my projects adds up to well over a thousand pages of source code. Comments are welcome. My e-mail:


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Installed linux mandrake v7 on computer today. Looks very promising. I am especially interested in the kde c++ IDE KDevelop. I also set up the JRE(Java Runtime Environment) build v1.2.2_008 distributed at I proceeded in attempting to run my java database management system(BIM Standard Edition). So far so good. The application appears to be functioning. The application was developed using Windows 98. It works perfectly to the best of my knowledge in that environment. I did not have to change a single line of code before successfully executing the application on linux mandrake. I did take advantage of java's File and URL encapsulating capabilities. I am unsure of stability concerning the macintosh os because of its file encoding schema. Check out my home page url for locating my java application. The application is licensed under the BSD template. Comments are welcome.

29 Nov 2001 (updated 29 Nov 2001 at 00:41 UTC) »

Added self extraction for the jar file containing BIM Standard Edition. Execute the jar file and the contents will be extracted to the folder that contains the jar.

New jar URL: bcEvcV8AjQxAG7uE

By the way does anyone know of a decent file server for my application(must be free of charge)?

Development of animation development environments is shaping up well. Some features included in the planning of this project are:

Support for runtime equation parameters.

Interfaces allowing for easy expansion of components that will be available for forms.

Two types of components that do not fall into the information gathering category. Dynamic components and Live components. Dynamic components equation sources can include items from context running the form displayer. Live components except developer's threads implementing provided interfaces to manipulate sources in the component equation.

Ability to save form configuration to persistant storage using markup language. This will also provide for easy transmission of the form to multiple work stations(The live components thread modules will most likely be transmitted in byte form to a classloader on the receiver's computer).

Form Displayer almost complete.

Form Developer almost complete.

Currently no live component thread modules created.

28 Nov 2001 (updated 29 Nov 2001 at 00:33 UTC) »

Published my database management system(java) under the BSD license. The file URL is: bcEvcV8AjQxAG7uE

Details on features can be found 2 or 3 entries back in this diary. Comments may be emailed to

This entry is in reference to the recent GPL freedom or power post. It becomes apparent just how important choice of licensing is after browsing the internet searching for sites that accept free software posting. Most of these sites state clearly that they will accept only certain free software licenses. NOT ALL. This is extended by many developer's opinions as well. If you look closely you will notice that this is an environment for monopoly. Imagine that GPL did get the upper hand and became the only free license. In effect this would influence the whole environment shutting out many potential free software developer's who do not wish to publish under the GPL. There is another factor to observe in the free software sector. People who contribute to the free software. People are not clones. Not all people follow laws. In general people are unpredictable. This brings up an issue of even if you do publish it free under the GPL there is no guarantee it will stay that way. Now lets take a look at what two different licenses accomplish. The GPL and the BSD. The above taken into account the GPL affectively cuts off a large limb of the free software tree of developers. This effectively divides and conquers the free software community, or at least severely impedes it. What does the GPL offer in return? No copyright. This severs the developer from any claim over the software. THIS PREVENTS THE DEVELOPER WHO WISHES THE SOFTWARE TO BE FREE FROM STATING "I WANT THIS SOFTWARE TO BE FREE". The community says "Who are you?" because there is no copyright and thus the developer is not known. People might say "That is why you can use dual licensing." This brings me back to the issue of a GPL monopoly which would prevent dual licensing. Next we can look at the BSD. Generally speaking the BSD is the same as the GPL with one exception (One very big exception). FREEDOM. ALL free software developer's may take part in contributions to software under this license. This includes the die hard free software users who create nothing but free software and part time free software developers who write propriety software as well. Many stead fast GPL developers attempt to argue that free developers must be all or nothing. However that is not the case. Whether you like it or not there are talented developers who do not agree with the GPL. Most free software developers have a goal. That goal is to make free software a standard. Chopping off all not GPL developers would be cutting progress in half. Lets put this into perspective. People are people and software is software. You can not call a person "propriety person" you can only call the software he/she writes propriety. What I am getting at is that a person can write propriety software then write free software or the other way around or both at the same time. Free software is free to reject this is to run in place. Lets face it there are many developers out there who need a license that provides freedom and freedom is power. Everyone has their own opinion of what freedom and power is. I believe that the BSD is the perfect license for free software because it excludes no one. This does not mean that GPL developers aren't writing good free software and helping the free software community thrive. What I do not like is the segregation that SOME GPL users would like to inflict on the community by attempting to shut the door on non-GPL free software developers.

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