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Just a quick entries:

  • privoxy is nearing the 3.0 release. Looks very good.
  • Our internet link is getting better by the day. TG.
  • Linux in Brazil (see previous post) is consuming a fair amount of my time, but the work we are doing there is really nice.
  • I dropped the site engine project for now. Don't have time for it
  • I'm planning of buying a DVD-drive for my computer. The prices are a little more attractive right now
  • The reply-o-matic project is at a standstill. It's working nicely on every place I have it running, and I have received some very positive feedback
  • I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why a PCMCIA network card that works on kernel 2.2 does not work on 2.4. It's kind of wierd.
28 May 2002 (updated 31 May 2002 at 15:43 UTC) »

Well, as usual, it is a long time since my last entry.

Notice that ijbswa changes named, and is now named privoxy.

Things a, also as usual, pretty messy around here. A few updates:

  • I'm now an Editor on the Linux In Brazil news site (see brain)
  • Our new internet link, mentioned a earlier, is giving us a headache. Not as bad as the old one, but almost there.
  • privoxy is aproching release 3.0
  • I'm working on a news site engine. Basicaly, for the fun of it, but I think I'll turn it into a corporate portal engine, something I have been missing on the open software market
Thats all for now.

Well, one more project to the list: ijbswa
That is simply a Internet Junkbuster (a banner filter, cookie restrictor, and privacy enhancement software) fork.

Quite a nice software, althoght I recomend using version 2.9.11 (not the stable one), for it supports HTTP/1.1.

Well, I´m in my father´s home. And looks like I arrived just in time.
As you probably don´t know, he is a teacher at a local college (which he hope will soon be upgraded to a university status). Anyway, he told me that they are redesigning all of the college viewable content (website, business cards etc), and asked me if I had something to sugest them. Yeah, right. I just wonder why don´t they ever learn no to ask me about things like that.
He just walked out of the computer room with a hudge list of recomendations (including netiquette [rfc1855] rules, and links to the validator and the Viewable with any browser campaign). And of course, he promissed me he would do his best to make the college adhere to these standards. I´m crossing my fingers, but considering the level of competence used to design current web site, I´m not holding my breath. (if you are trying to access it, try with a text browser; it´s a once in a lifetime experience :-)).
Anyway, today we managed to get a city mayor´s office to sign with us to change all it´s health computer network to opensource (linux, more exactly). Tomorrow, we have a new city to hit. I think maybe I´ll preach them about the anybrowser campaign ... Then again, maybe thats pushing my luck a little to far. But, maybe not.

Well, things are runnig pretty well around here.
First, our new internet link is up and running. It is a little slower then our previous one, but it does not crash, so we are happy with it. Our old one is still in place for DNS reasons I'm sure you can guess.
I have started studing to get new certifications. RHCE is one that comes to my mind. I read an article stating that most IT personal have 3.something (3<num<4) certifications. Since I only have 2 (well, actualy, I have 4, but only 2 count as good enough for the IT market), I need to get at least 2 others pretty quick. I think I'll try RHCE and BrainBench Network Security (maybe Internet Security too, but I'm not sure yet).

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