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stuff I do

  • I am working for science factory, a bioinformatics company, as a software engineer.
  • I have put a bit of time into cdindex, a free alternative to the now commercial cddb CD database.
    Note: This will soon become MusicBrainz
  • I was involved in porting Utah glx to FreeBSD.


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Oh folks, we are waiting impatiently for our first child.

That cutie is eleven days over time now. CTG curves are excellent so far. Let's hope it turns out well.

What has happened since my last posting?


At work I am now dealing with creating the GUI using JAVA. I was the C++ advocate in the preceding discussion, voting for either QT/GTK+ in case of a cross platform approach and MSVC++ in case we just want to have Win32 covered.

While I was quite unhappy with the decision (because I prefer an efficient language like C++), I must admit that JAVA has a very good 2D library. I must also admit that JBuilder looks like a very fine IDE, it might be comparable in power to MS Developer's studio. (OK I am an Emacs devotee but still that stuff looks impressive)

Do we have a similiar powerful and portable lib for C++? QT looks good, but lacks a lot of the 2d features that JAVA offers and it is only available to commercial developes under Win32. About the latest GTK+ I am not sure, for example it seems to offer alpha channels and antialiasing, but I don't have checked that. GTK+ never came into closer consideration because of its lack of commercial support under Win32. And I am just talking graphics. I mean whoever talks about JAVA's power, in fact talks about the huge libraries. It is a shame that there is no comparable library for C++.

Do we have a full grown ISO C++ compiler that is efficient and portable? I am not sure if GNU C++ fits that shoe.

Also there is no force in the C++ world, probably except Microsoft, that could play a similiar role to that what SUN plays for JAVA. And Microsoft isn't pro platform portability at all. So who should do the necessary dirty work?


We have a very complex domain model at work that cries for an object oriented database. But why the heck, the existing ones are so poor?

Right now only Objectivity or Versant seem to be the only grown up OODBs, but both of them suffer from having hard to swallow constraints.

I really wonder what will arrive first, a popular usable distributed OOP supporting operating system, or an usable OODB. Both would have to create distributed adress spaces, lookup services and a lot of other goodies.

14 Nov 2000 (updated 14 Nov 2000 at 12:47 UTC) »

Globalization has its nice bits. Today I got my hardcopy of the goat book via Amazon.

X platform GUI

I am still not sure, if we should try the X-platform approach. Possible toolkits are:

  • GTK (cons: looks like GTK everywhere, infamous C++ bindings)
  • qt (looks like a Windows GUI clone, would add $3K per developer if used commercially)
  • wxWindows (might die, might not die)
  • Mozilla (XUL sounds interesting, critique from a colleague of mine: it runs on every platform same bad - uh oh)
  • fltk (no idea yet, what it is)
  • Java (this will suck for a CPU intensive editor)
  • StarView (I already touched the old StarView - should I really do this again?)

Hey, got some new hints from the autobook authors in my mail. This feedback is one of the very good points of the free software world, in the tradition of academics

And those folks put up an improved online version!

X-platform GUIs

Back to the 'native client' vs. 'X-platform GUI approach'. I need to hack some GUI prototype quickly to help condensating some thoughts flowing around.


And back to Journeyer. We should call it Yo-Yo metric. :-)


Got a nice hint about sources across directories from Gary Vaughan:

> I keep my main sources in
>     project/src
> have tests in
>     project/test/test01
> I don't manage to compile a small test program in
> the above test01 directory, that uses a source file
> from project/src.
> What should I do?
> - create the test binary in project/src rather than
>   project/test/test01?
> - build some library just for the purpose of testing
>   that I won't use anyway?
> - use some secret potion from CVS automake?

The 2nd option would be best, automake doesn't handle sources outside of $srcdir or $builddir (except for header files of course). You might try setting SUBDIRS in the project dir to descend src before test, and then linking test01 with (from memory, so check the docs):

test01_LDFLAGS = -static test01_DEPENDENCIES = $(top_builddir)/src/foo.o test01_LDADD = $(test01_DEPENDENCIES) or suchlike to link the compilation object in directly.


Today I dropped back to Observer status. I should read the trust metrics explanation to understand this. It can't be related to the number of certificates I have, as there are other persons who have less. So it must be related either to the fact that I certified a lot of people or to the relative positions of the people who certified me. Interesting.

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