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This bit didn't come back when I recreated my account after the Advogato glitch.

I am a Yoorpean currently working for a medium-small biotech company in the San Francisco Bay area. After getting my Ph.D. in Yoorp I was a fellow at the National Cancer Institute, a postdoc at UCSF and an investigator at a health science company in the Chicago area. I don't know where life will lead me next.

I am not a computer professional but have been hooked on them since exposure to the school's Commodore PET (1979). I prefer UNIX-like OSs and have used Linux in some shape or form since Slackware 2.0 in June 1994 (kernel 1.0.9). In addition to Intel boxes at home and work I also have a Sun Ultra 5. All run Debian.

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Where am I now ?

Yikes, Ian Murdock and Lemmy dead! That's the sort of thing that makes a chap stand back and take a look at one's life. I haven't posted here in ages and some crazy people ended up making me a Master some time ago, so that sits on one's conscience. I believe that Advogato knows that I am married, and that my wife hails from Shanghai. What it doesn't know is that I have a son and that REALLY changes one's outlook on life. Now, when I fire up Linux, in addition to crying when telling him how the Linux culture is being actively killed by systemd, now I will have to mention how we lost the creator of Debian and I don't know how that happened. I am trying to fight the good fight transliterating code to R and XPP and so on. When performing molecular modeling I am using Tinker and GAMESS and JSME and Advogadro and cool stuff, but will that make a difference? I promise to fight the good fight in 2016. Death to the horror that is systemd and all of the shills that claim it has any benefit. I pass the light of the torch to my son and the new generation. Just because you are too lazy to learn how to use init() doesn't mean that you have to roll over and be violated by those that want to exploit your lives (with binaries!). I am hoping that my bilingual son will be agle to spread the word freely.
Curiouser and curiouser...
The video embedded by Elleo in their April 21st post, instead of terminating the Recent Blog Entries prematurely like most cases, causes it to skip to the last entry on the current Recent list (joey's April 1st post). The perennial unterminated Bold tag still holds sway from louie's March 29th post and continues through the right-hand sidebar.
Well that makes a change
Everything centred is a little better than everything in bold.

It seems that youngsters a third of my age seem to be able to memorise this and type it in without thinking, but I need this put somewhere my lazy neurons can find it.
vlc -vvv "input.flv" --no-sout-video --play-and-exit --sout="#transcode{acodec=mp3,ab=320,channels=2}:std{access=file,mux=raw,dst="output.mp3}"

...and don't forget to double-check that VLC has write permission for the target directory (it is very cautious). Yes yes yes, should be Linux, should be ogg etc. etc. but sometimes my hands are tied.

I am glad to see that Pedro is also having fun with R. There are, however, times when it drives me crazy. For example, carrying out simple linear regression, then using the result to predict a value. Note that in the code below I have replaced my preferred assignment operator (less_than + hyphen) with Pascal's := because Advogato doesn't like stray angle brackets, so rewrite it if you want to run the code;
# Let's create some x and y values
xlist := c(1:5);
ylist := c(0.9, 2.1, 3.2, 4.3, 5.1);
# Now simple linear regression
regobject := lm(ylist ~ xlist, data=data.frame(cbind(xlist, ylist)));

If I look at the contents of regobject then all is well. However, now for the prediction. In a sane world this should be as simple as;
predict(regobject, newdata=testvalue);

Where testvalue has the x-value to be used in the prediction. Unfortunately R fails worse than silently as it just provides the predicted values for everything in xlist. Okay, maybe I need to coerce the value into a data frame.
predict(regobject, newdata=data.frame(testvalue));

Nope. It needs a data frame with a column with the same name as that used to generate the regression object. I have not seen that written explicitly in any book or help file. Thankfully a few other folk have ranted about this so there are explanations out there.
predict(regobject, newdata=data.frame(xlist=testvalue));

Woohoo! So now,
predict(regobject, newdata=data.frame(xlist=2.5));

gives me the predicted y-value for x=2.5 (y=2.59). My guess is that being an R programmer is now so lucrative that documentation is written in an obscure (but factually correct) manner deliberately. Prepare for this blog entry to receive a takedown notice :-)

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