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Ismael has been a free software activist since 1994. He has coordinated the Spanish Linux Documentation Project TLDP-ES (known as LuCAS) since 1998 to 2005, is a founding member of the Spanish Linux users association Hispalinux and the local groups Indalinux and Linux Madrid and has deeply involved in the organization of the Hispalinux's congresses. In his work career had been CTO of one of the very first commercial linux distributions in Spain, HispaFuentes Linux, and now manages their own consulting company, Planeta Olea SL, specialized on technology strategy and consultancy about free libre open source software, FLOSS, and the digital revolution. He is member of the GNOME Foundation, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, the Instituto de Estudios Almerienses and is a visiting lecturer at the Instituto Superior de Estudios e Investigaciones Tecnolológicas, Caracas (Venezuela). For long time is a passionate researcher on electronic publishing in almost all its facets and a supporter of applying the knowledge economy of FLOSS on the linguistic resources for the Spanish language. For the last years is performing an intense activity on the development of the SOOS concept, «Standard Organizational Operating System» in the framework of an open digital revolution. Had given dozens of talks in Spain, France and Latin America. He is devoted to Our Father Genarín of León and tries to be sure everybody knows he comes from Almería (Spain).


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I'm going to FOSDEM 2018

I'm going to FOSDEM

Yeah. I finally decided I’m going to FOSDEM this year. 2018 is the year I’m re-taken my life as I like it and a right way to start it is meeting all those friends and colleagues I missed in those years of exile. I plan to attend to the beer event as soon I arrive to Brussels.

If you want to talk to me about GUADEC 2018, Fedora Flock 2018 or whatever please reach me by Twitter (@olea) or Telegram (@IsmaelOlea).

BTW, there are a couple relevant Telegram Groups FOSDEM related:

General English Telegram group: https://t.me/fosdem

FOSDEM Telegram Group

Spanish spoken one: https://t.me/fosdem_ES

FOSDEM grupo Telegram en español

PS:A funny thing about FOSDEM is… this is the place when the Spaniards (or Madrileños indeed) opensource entusiasts can meet at once a year… in Brussels!

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Opensource gratitude

Some weeks ago I’ve read somewhere in Twitter about how good will be to adopt and share the practice of thanking the opensource developers of the tools you use and love. Don’t remember neither who or where, and probably I’m stealing the method s/he proposed. Personally I’m getting used myself to visiting the project development site, and if not better method is available, to open and issue with a text like this:

Im opening this issue just to thankyou for the tool you wrote. It’s nice, useful and saves a lot of my time.


PS: please don’t close the issue so other persons could vote it to exprese their gratitude too.

As an example I’ve just wrote it for the CuteMarkEd editor: https://github.com/cloose/CuteMarkEd/issues/362

CuteMarkEd gratitude screenshot

Hope this bring a litte bit of endorphines dose to those people who, with their effort, are building the infraestructure of the digital society. Think about it.

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2018 y la decepción

Cosas que pasan. Estás haciendo limpieza en tus carpetas para eliminar morrallas y archivar contenidos y encuentro el borrador de una entrada para mi blog que se quedó olvidada de publicar. Está fechada exactamente el 9 de marzo de 2014:

Un mes de marzo caliente en Almería

HackLab Almería

Menudo mes de marzo en Almería. Empezamos en febrero con las X Jornadas SLCENT del IES Al-Ándalus. Luego las Jornadas de Informática de la Universidad de Almería con más de diez conferencias. Hoy ha sido el torneo provincial de la First Lego League y han competido 14 equipos de la provincia. Y entre los eventos por llegar: el siguiente encuentro del Taller de Hardware Abierto, ElHackatón, el próximo BetaBeers y, tachán, el Día Arduino+Seminario Impresoras 3D. ¡Qué barbaridad!

Es una oportunidad para reflexionar: ¿es una casualidad anómala, aun cuando feliz? Hasta ahora en estas tierras no hemos estado muy acostumbrados a tanto movimiento. El caso es que sólo con una base social de gran preparación y la afortunada existencia de algunas personas con iniciativa se puede hacer visible el esfuerzo de gente con la motivación suficiente de usar su ocio para aprender y crecer en conocimiento y experiencia. Hay base, sólo hay que hacerla valer.

En cambio, hoy no puedo estar más desmoralizado al respecto. No me apetece entrar en las razones. Simplemente me ha apetecido reflejar el choque emocional del descubrimiento.

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Aparición en Canal Sur Noticias

Brevísima aparición en la edición almeriense de Canal Sur Noticias para explicar el contexto de las amenazas en la ciberseguridad actuales.