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LinuxPMI Cheif Necromancer, Ex-Openmosix hacker, Gift hacker, Camera driver hacker, Hardware hacker, basically interested in all things robotic/image recognition/clustering.


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Well, back in the 2.6.17 tree again. I had to break up my patch standards again. 'silver' became 'silver' and 'bronze'. I failed to take into account that with clean being 'the patch as it was handed to me' and silver being 'the patch in good condition', i needed an in-between state 'the patch as good as i can get it right now, without breaking other things'.

Due to the recent kernel user->root escalation bug, we're going to forward port to 2.6.32, as soon as its released. This should be fun, with as little manpower as our project has.

In my personal life.. I got to protest the protesters at a tea party. I tried to be respectful, but I was showing up at someone else's protest, with signs opposing them. I received many shouts of 'get a job!'. which is doubly ironic, since i have way too much work already. I was only in time to protest, because I had to step out of work early to grab food. Hypoglycemia sucks.

The reception by the crowd was interesting, as when i approached, they backed away. composition wise, it seemed to be one third people-expressing-opinions-on-health-care, one third obama-hate, and one third whargarbl.

Ow. continuing pain from my auto accident two weeks ago.

Asciidoc has been a real win lately, as we've been converting our documentation into it. Its real easy to edit asciidoc as a 'text only' person, and publish it to the web via Asciidoc Webpage Builder. It almost feels like i'm participating in the 'web based community', instead of merely hiding in the shadows of IRC. ;)

I'm working on commentary 4 in the tree. after that, i'll go back to 53 in the 2.6.17 tree, then work on commentarying the most-in-need-of-repair patch in the tree. I've actually got someone trying to submit patches, but would lie what they're patching to be commentaried first, so i can review patches appropriately.

Progress, wheee!

Ok! Back at the hacking kernel!

after a more than brief vacation, I've decided to make kernel hacking a regular part of my day again. I've lost a few more almost-developers, which is annoying, but as long as i keep plugging at the code, i'll gain some users somewhere, right?

I still need someone to fix up the shell script for building the tree, as well as to figure out how to use awb to automatically publish my asciidoc formatted documentation to the web. editing the wiki was just burning too much of my time.

so, patch 51 of the 2.6.18 tree, and patch 3 of the tree are commentaried now. I'm still polishing the patches as I commentary them, and just commentarying the 2.6.18 tree. waiting to get past patch 98 in the original tree, to start making mistakes^Wchanges.

I always knew that the best project to work on was something you personally needed, and I do need linuxpmi, still to this day. doing without it has been annoying, no ability to really capture real horsepower.

being basically the only kernel hacker on a patch the size of this for a year and a half now has been annoying, however...

dynamic process migration for the win!

Patch 48 of 2.6.17's tree commentaried.

This patch has some code wrapping the socket layer, to make our code in hpc/ simpler, along with a function wrapping daemonize, and setting our scheduler settings. the scheduler wrapping function includes a 'high priority' mode we don't use, that I'll be pulling.

I've started work on polishing the patches for the tree, which showed me an ugly case where we're abusing macros to implement something the kernel already has a function for, and we implement it wrong. I'm not sure whether we should pull our implementation and use the kernel's, or what. Code Archeology on this level is Not Fun.

In my day-to-day life, nothing much is happening. *still* no word from my prospective employers. Just getting poorer. I still don't regret things between me and my last workplace breaking down, however. I'm just not comfortable in a workplace that patently dishonest.

Committed the first patch to the tree I concider to be in good working order.

LinuxPMI's tree is a collection of hunks, in one giant patch. Again. I keep getting code dumped on me in this fashion, and have to go through it line by line. In this tree, I've decided to push patches through my kernel coding standards process as far as they'll "reasonably" go, so I can spot even more bugs. At least theres only 93 hunks in this tree, unlike the 322 hunks in the 2.6.17 tree. That said, I know there are cases in the 2.6.17 tree where bad code was replaced by *worse* code, which is why I haven't just flattened the patches, like the tree started.

I made it most of the way through patch 48 on the 2.6.17 tree last night. Its a combination of socket layer wrappers to make our other code more readable, and a function for registering our kernel thread. What a combination!

I'll likely be done with patch 48 sometime tonight. Once i get out of the hpc/ directory, the patches should be much easier to commentary, and I'm almost there. From where I'm sitting, I've done most of the 'ugly' work over the last year, and am about ready to start work that will actually improve the quality of the code base itself.

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