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Linux weenie since 0.97. I built my own linux distribution for a cdrom only system that is currently in beta but will be released in a few months.

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okay this is so cool so I leave for work this morning, everything normal I come home, all of a sudden an ant trail from the garden outside through my front door, to the kitchen to the trashcan, I ate strawberries lastn ight and those little buggers saw them check this out so cool !! hehe anyways, after 10 minutes of pictuer taking and being all excited on irc, I grabbed the vacuumcleaner and had a blast ;-). mr anteater woudl ve had the meal of a lifetime,, ahhh the simple pleasures in life.

oh the barium test I had turned outt "fine" so I guess I ahve no nasty things in my stomach, mebbe in my head but not there :).

hmm oh, so other than that I got rid of shit at work, clean platem ostly, off to doing interconnect stuff, hmmm sounsd like fun, and clusterssssssssssssssssssss, oh yeah and wading through bcrl's patches, funfunfun

So it turned out I didn't have to return my linksys box, but and this is funny : it doesn't work on winblows, surprise, it doesn't work on macos, whee, but it does work with the drivers in linux 2.4.5+! yay, so I am happy now :) I sent a note back to linksys support saying "the linksys router works well with the OS you do not support, you might want to make a note of that" hehe

had a barium xray test last wednesday, man, that' some gross stuff, but oh well, 't was only 45 minutes and at first glance I guess it looked like everything is ok internally so that's good, well, I haven't heard the detaills yet, but at least they didn't go "uh oh" right there and then

work is going reasonably well we re (mostly) getting stuff done, there still is shitloads to do, and it's time for some yelling at some people. There is a lot of stuff up in the air right now too, and I am kind of anxious to find out what is going to happen I guess. Nothing bad or so, just changes :)

heh been over a year. start on a dialy basis, for a week, and that's it.. I just never have been a writer type person ,even if it is just a few lines.

so today uzi posted another one, so I figured I'd do the same, the poor guy getting kicked out of house, really sucks!

so I spent most of my day trying to get my wavelan cards to work with my newly acquired linksys wireless access point blahblah router thing. it just doens't f... work. sigh- iwconfig shows the mac address and the levels and stuff but I can't get to the box or anything. made sure it was managedmode, essid was correct , tried with/without encrryption.. nada. it's really pissing me off.

Then looked into getting a firmware upgrade for the linksys, it needs crappy winblows, even tho it seems to be using tftp, tried that but it doens't do the ugrade. I do see tft kicking in and pushing the firmware over but it never does anythin with it, the file says it needs IE so,e or other monopoly release and winblows some or other hang more and reboot moreo often than anything release. So stupid me "quickly/" tries tio put w95 on a machine that I had laying around, yeah was that a mistake. That OS is so messed up, it's not even funny, or a joke, it's just Wrong. what a society where the richest is the biggest scammer ever, and people worship him, yeehaw.. at least it shows where we re heading I guess... where is my little island.

anyways time for bed. tired, sick, need rest.tommorrow going to try another time and then it goes back to vendor . this sucks

at least other stuff is going well, i am setting up every boxx I have with something different

ultra30 -solaris8 ultra1 -solaris7 x86 smp -ilinux2.4.4smp x86 uni - linix.2.4.4-ext3 x86 solaris8 x86 openBSD x86 BE :-) yay X86 QNX indy irix hp712 linux hp735 hpsux11 looks like a good start L:)

Well, been a while, but a lot of stuff has happened. I actually ended up getting my own team at work to do linux stuff yay. Funnily enough I am to hire folks myself, which is a pain in the arse since I do not want to do any of that. I just want to get some friends and stuff on board and not having to deal with it. Hard to find the right folks. But a challenge is good some times.

One of my friends from Belgium is in town, he is here for work really but he is going to come over this weekend and we are going to hack away sat+sun and then he can go home ;-) thanks bert ;)

more later

Woohow. Dudes... I got my screen, the sgi 1600sw flat panel. awesome! yay 1600x1024 32bit in X... purrrrrfect :)

Well, it was a very good investment :) Iam a very happy camper. came home early today when I saw on the fedex tracking site that it was delivered, it sweet!

So, didn't get too much done at work because of this :) oh well. now its almost time for vger and then probably do some more coding tonight... ta!

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