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Hey, welcome to my little corner on

I'm an 18 year old Irishman with an unhealthy love for free software. I have a good deal of experience with websites, UI, scripting and user support. You can read more about my experiences with linux up to this point in my Essay. That essay covers chapter one of my Open Source experience. This weblog is going to be chapter 2 (the last 2 months may end up lost to history).


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Everyone go look at Wordpress: Seriouslessly sexy blogging Software, looks like it's gonna kick MT's ass. Can't believe I haven't heard of it before. Gonna set it up as a test at some stage to play with. I really found not being able to give open souce feedback to MT kinda annoying so using Wordpress would be nice. And it looks so swish...

Have spends since last saturday in hospital when I keeled over at radiotherephy :/ I really was too hard on myself this term at University. Came close to top of the year in everything, but I've been really unwell for the last month so it porbably was a bit much. Am gonna take things way easier in the new year.

Getting out of here tomorrow morning. Thank god, don't fancy spending christmas day in hospital.

Tech stuff
I'm planning on writing a quick guide to getting the acx100_pci working on fedora as well as general stuff I've learned while trying to get it working. Also gonna get as much debug output back to the authors as possible. Gonna try out Dag's stuff as well that he posted up here a while back. Fedora/Linux in general needs to support more wireless hardware out of the box.

Also gonna look into Palm->Linux stuff more. The Evolution pilots in Gnome are great but we really need an app like the quick installer for windows that lets you quickly and easily install software and photos onto the Plam, and eventually access momory cards and stuff. I've gotten a lot of feedback about pilot-link here, sorry I haven't had a chance to look into it yet.

I wanna re-design my blog at some stage. It's quite nice, but I figgure that writing a site from CSS from the ground up would be a good learning experience and I want to some way interesting/different disign. I'm tempted to switch to an Open source blogger, but there really isn't anything that paralells MT yet.

Haven't been involved much of late but my god to things seem to be happening. I think I say this every 6 months, but the next year is going to be so incredible for Gnome. All I want for Christmas is a working ssh: and an ftp: that recognises shortcuts in nautilus so I can browse my remote files easily :)

Have finally managed to get my Linux box back on the net. Still need to debug the driver a bit but it mostly works for the moment which is all that matters. I was really starting to get tired of having to reboot into windows to get online..

Have been having great fun with my Palm Tungsten. Am gonna get a USB Multicard reader and an SD card as suggested by lots of people. Then I can easily get my photos and music from Linux to the palm. Also gonna look at Jpluck or Plucker Desktop for offline browsing.

The one thing that I can do with Windows but not with Linux is to transfer photos to the Palm's main memory. It has 64MB so I figure I might as well stoer some photos there. Need to look into it some more..

Handheld Bliss
In the end my Grandad got the the Palm Tungsten T3. What a sweet machine. Now I just gotta work out the accessories I want for it :) Gotta try and get onto IRC to talk to the pilot link guys about how they use theirs with Linux. I want to make sure that it's not possible to get access to a SD memory card in the Palm from either Bluetooth or the USB cradle in Linux before I fork out on a USB Card Reader.

Desktop PC
Still haven't managed to get my Desktop to connect to my wireless network. In fact it's wroking worse that it was before. I think I messed it up by fiddling with it too much. I need to do a big clean up on my hard drive anyway so I've wiped clean all my partitions and am reinstalling Windows and Fedora Core today and then I can have a crack at the wireless again.

Gnome and Stuff
Great stuff to see Robert Love working for Novell. So much exciting stuff ahead of us. Seems like everywhere one looks something is falling into place for Linux/Gnome on the Desktop.

Palm Tungsten T2

My Grandad is getting me a Handheld for Christmas and I'm pretty sure I wanna get a Palm Tungsten T2. Anyone have any experiences with these in General or in particular with Linux?

I'm pretty confident that I can get it up and running over bluetooth and installing software on the main memory and such. The only thing I'm not sure about is if I can get files onto an extra SD Memory Card if I buy one.

I have to decide by the end of the day :/

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