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I've been playing with Linux since the early days (was that .99 patchlevel 10 or 14? I never could remember), but sadly have to admit that I didn't get around to installing it myself until RedHat 3.03 - on my first laptop. To bring the coolness factor back up though, I was being paid to do it so I could show others in our tech support staff about the new OS we were about to be supporting for our product...

Since I edit the HTML on the Answer Guy column in the Gazette every month (since issue 28 anyway) that means my work is in almost every Linux distro on the planet that's bigger than three floppies. :)


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Hi everybody, I'm back from USENIX now. Enjoyed muchly gabbing about X (gosh, all the great toys are getting smaller these days - and with the iPaq, finally a small screen I can stand. Sigh.)

Interesting that K and Q and G are the argument of the week here, since I'll be doing an editorial on the subject. I think the problem needs a non-computing point of view overlaid. Confused? Read the Linux Gazette when the next issue comes out. At the very least I hope some find my editorial entertaining.

Meanwhile I crank away at my normal projects. More of the berries are ripe than last time. I've already uttered at least one maniacal "It's alive" in the office. Good stuff. But esr still does a better maniacal laugh than I do.

Ahh. I figured out the cookie thing. Never mind :) Just goes to show I should let them bake!

Hmm. What is it about a chroot environment that gives lynx cookies a headache here on advo? If you find out, let me know :)


Gonna hang out with my trekker friends this friday, after the work folks go to see Titan AE. Whee! I promise not to spoil it for anybody here.


Anyone else going to USENIX annual technical? A couple of us from Tuxtops are going. I think we'll have a great time. Meanwhile, I bang my head against a wall realizing that it is no longer sufficient to track Woody or Potato. I have to walk a minefield of careful selection. It's just like gathering nuts and berries in the computer age; sometimes the fruits are not ripe, sometimes you get a yukky one.

Well, it's been a while since I posted. You're going to laugh when you read why. Was it was because I was very busy? Well, yes, at one level of indirection. What really happened was that I was busy enough in that first week or two after signing in, that I didn't sign in often enough to really burn my poor l'il new password into my brain. Then, I was busy enough for a few days in a row, that I just plumb forgot the beastie.

This would of course turn out to be right around the time a bouncing baby entered the scene; I could not hold anything against Raph for not getting around to postmaster mail very quickly. Heh. That kid's cute. But anyway, he and I made contact, I have the silly password back, and I think I probably won't forget it this time!


I've gotten some packages at long last from the Glorantha Trading Association. My early sponsorship of their efforts to revive the heroic mythos of Glorantha has me acknowledged as a Rune Master. Two books, one with my real name, one with the name I actually requested. Not sure if that first is a bug or not; at any rate I'm keeping the book anyway, it's signed by Greg Stafford and ought to be a fun read. Okay, not everyone would find pretend mythology fun (some would say, isn't all mythology pretend? I dunno)


Actually, I'll admit, code is fun too. Linux Gazette will be seeing an expansion to the Answer Gang in the next few months. I've been approaching successful in my hacking on Tom's Root Boot (my result now behaves during boot, now I have to finish whacking the scripts to make my expansions out of any given tomsrtbt). With that, I expect to have some more serious fun coding this weekend.


Some movies are fun, some not. Shanghai Noon was lots of fun, as I could expect from Jackie Chan. Toss up whether I liked the bell or tomahawk scene better. Gladiator is also excellent.

Glanced at other people's diary entries. Glad that lilo is now properly a Master, But I suppose I have to agree with you ROb, to some people, dumb as it sounds, "social" is a charged term.

I hope we see nothing wrong with Community tho.

Speaking of community I'd better find out where Jim got himself hidden, so we can go running off to this party in Menlo Park.

And I have allergies acting up, it's driving me nuts. Even after I've taken one of the monster Allegra pills, my right sinuses ache a bit. Talk about something I'd edit out if I had my own source code. Hmph.

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