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I'm generally busy with non-free software or other work, including planning a wedding :), but when I do work on free software things, I'm usually involved with Enlightenment related things, like

  • Managing - ( is moving, and I'm kind of taking over managing the site, helping to steer its development, writing some of the content, and keeping things coordinated.
  • envas - Envas is a network-aware layer that works over evas (Enlightened canVAS, by raster), enabling it to run remote software fast, simply, and with almost no changes to the source from an application that works with evas already. This is a significant amount of work, and I've barely had time to start it, but I'll be spending more time on it as the holidays start arriving. It's still in the works.
  • cvsrpmbuilder - CRB 0.5 beta is out, but I haven't worked on it lately. I modified it to work with sourceforge, but I haven't had time to do much else. I've also started installing debian (though I have almost entirely redhat machines still), so I don't know the future of this app. We'll have to see (I might rename it). The current version is available here, under the software page (Direct).
  • famemu - A non-root fam emulator library and daemon I've been threatening to write. Written to be a drop-in replacement for fam. I need this because I don't have root access to my machine at work.

From time to time, I also write spec files or fix little things on other E projects, and generally interject my opinion on various subjects during the development of other software. :)

Recent blog entries by term

Well, not surprisingly, I'm still really, really busy. Work's picked up even more than before, so I'm even doing work inbetween writing this and irc. :) But it's okay. Soon I'll get a little break from that, which will give me just enough leeway to finish preparing for the wedding.

Because I've been so busy, I haven't tried doing any actual free software programming lately. Instead I've been doing adminstative tasks around Enlightenment's SourceForge Pages, maintaining the lists, fixing a thing here and there, etc. Been getting a little organized for the redevelopment of, as well. Anyone willing to help can email me, BTW. :) Stuff like that.

Moved my website to a faster machine, too. It was killing the p200. It's happy on a p2 with 128mb RAM now. Not that I've had time to update it very much.

Ah well. April will see me get some free time for some of this stuff. I don't plan no getting immensely tied up this summer, so I hope to finally get some time for serious coding..

Whee, been really busy. Work, wedding, real life. Finally started to get a little time to look things over. Fixed up some spec files for evas, ebits, and ecore. Built an outragously early early alpha version of the next version of E, read the code over a little.

Got my webpage up recently, too. Been posting lots of useless information. :)

I expect to have a little more time with the holidays coming. Luckily, they give us off the last week of the year, so I finally really dive into some of the stuff I want to write.

Okay, so I updated my intro again. I haven't had time to actually write code lately. I thought I would when I graduated, but since then, work has picked up considerably (though it's probably also partially my fault for leaping across teams at work into one where there's a lot more to do right now than later..). I've been trying to get started on my new website, but even that's slow in coming -- I just haven't had the time to do much, or when I do have time, I'm just exhausted/burnt out.

Luckily, I have pretty much the rest of the week off, so I expect to be able to make *some* progress *somewhere*. :) If nothing else, we're starting to already get underway with discussing the work for a new copy of

While I'm at it, I should update E's sourceforge page. Maybe I'll look at that tonight, if I get a chance.

Okay, so I fixed up my intro and finished looking through the person list. I'm positive I missed a person or two. :)

Been very busy with work and an exam I have tomorrow, but hopefully this weekend I can revamp what I've written so far of famemu. I had started to code it, but I decided I can do a far more powerful and simpler model. Originally, I was going to do a base entry struct, and then extend it for each of the objects I need (file, directory, host, etc). I started to write it, and I realized I'd be far better off going the opposite way: instead of everything knowing about the entry struct, having the entry struct know about everything. Fam will just create a FamemuEntry, and it'll just be passed the correct type (ie FAMEMU_ENTRY_TYPE_FILE). This means that I can just toss them all in as a list and I never have to be concerned with what's "inside".


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