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I'm currently working for IBM, doing mostly internal software development. At work, I use mostly Java, Perl, some C/C++, some web development and design, and some Notes/Domino stuff.

I rarely update this journal anymore, as I find it more convenient to post on my LiveJournal journal, which is at At some point, I'd like to syncronise my journals.

I tend to live on IRC, formerly on DALnet, but for the past couple years I've called SorceryNet my home. You can find me there as StarThorn by connecting to (Officially on port 9000, although 6667, 7000, and a handful of others work on almost all the servers). You can also find a few other people there, such as Ankh (aka Liam Quin). Oh, yeah, and there's now a SorceryNet Project for Advogato, too. This can help us keep track of SorceryNet users around here. ;-)

I live on Sci-Fi and Fantasy, love movies, and can't force myself away from a computer for more than a few hours at a time. Pretty standard geek, prolly.

I'll updated this to include more information on myself when I get around to it.


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I've decided to start working on, as a personal homepage for myself. I'll start with just throwing up some random crap that I've been meaning to put on the web, and eventually, I'll try to make it into a "real" web site.

I guess we'll see what happens.

I'm such a domain whore.

With the recent opening of the .info domains, I registered, to use as my new "personal" home page domain, as well as to host all of the Wiki's I feel an unstoppable urge to create, and, which I'll use to showcase me and a bunch of friends.

Sometimes I can't help but look in the mirror and think "Dork.". ;-)

11 Oct 2001 (updated 11 Oct 2001 at 06:59 UTC) »

I'm finding myself to be a huge fan of Wiki's lately. In fact, I think my next project will be porting WikkiTikkiTavi, a nice PHP Wiki, to use PostgreSQL.

Is it wrong to want to set up a PersonalWiki, as well as Wiki's for two (maybe three!) separate projects you are working on? Oh, and I can think of a topic or two that could benefit from a Wiki, as well. ;-)


I didn't do much of anything today. I spent most of the day sitting on the couch watching College Football. Seeing as I live in Omaha, Nebraska, this is part of our religion, you see. There is no better thing to do on a Saturday than watch the Nebraska Cornhusker's play. (Yes, it really is almost like a religion here. In some small Nebraska towns, shops actually close up during the games.)

Job Search...

Well, it's time to get moving on the job search. I dropped another resume for a Linux Sys Admin job Friday, which would be nice. This is a good town for getting jobs.

The Pacific Northwest...

suso: Seattle rocks. ;-)

I was born and grew up in the good ol' Midwest, specifically, Omaha, Nebraska. I spent three years living in Washington State, though, and it is truly a great place to be. The weather is, contrary to popular belief, awesome. While it does get a lot of rain, the stories are over exaggerated. As far as simple quantity, it actually gets less rain than most major cities on the East coast. The difference is that what they call 'rain', everyone else call 'misty drizzle'. It *never* actually rains hard. The summers tend to be mostly sunny and in the upper 70s to mid 80s, while the winter tends to be mostly 40s and 50s. You know how in the midwest, we count the days below 0 degrees F? Up there, they count the days below freezing. They cancelled school once, and you could still see the grass through the snow.

It's beautiful country, too. Tons of tall evergreen trees, hills, mountains, waterfalls, the's breathtaking. And there is a lot to do, as well. Within hours, you can be in the mountains, at the beach, in a rainforest....heck, in 5 hours you can be in Canada. ;-)

Oh, well. Back to reality. I want to go back to Washington eventually. But, it's not gonna happen right now.

The Tests...

Well, I took the two tests I had. Unfortunately, they were pathetic. Two of the eastiest tests I've had.

The Calc test I was worried about. I'm generally good in Math, even when I don't care for it, but I wasn't well prepared for this test. I was at least 3 chapters behind on homework, maybe more (shows how bad I've been, I'm not even sure where the class is right now;-). A girl in my class has had this professor before, and warned us that his test were extremelly hard. So, I went in expecting the worst. It had to be one of the easiest math tests I've taken. I was hoping to just pass, now I'm thinking I prolly pulled a 90% or so. Out of ten questions, there were only two I didn't feel confident with my answers, and one of them I know I was close.

The other test was American National Government. The professor only does two tests through the semester, so I was thinking these would be pretty rough. I was way off. It was 25 questions, multiple choice. I walked out, finished, in 20 minutes. It was really that easy.

Life is good. ;-)

The Hunt...

Well, the job hunt is still on. Although, it's sort of on hold until I finish the two tests I have coming up on Thursday. I'm having a tough time studying for one of them, though, because it seems likely that whatever new job I take will require me to drop it. That's the problems with full time jobs and daytime classes. Oh, well. I can hope, anyway.


Michael: I, for one, would be very interested in a site like you proposed. I've just recently become interested in LaTeX, as I progress into the desire for finer control than is capable with LyX (which is a most excellent program, I must say.) I would love a site that contained different types of LaTeX documents. My LaTeX skills are rather limited at the moment, but if there's anything I can do to help out, let me know.

The IRC Pain...

I've discovered just how much of a pain it is to try to IRC from a single remote terminal window, while chatting on 4 active channels and managing 2-4 queries. Text based clients, through a single window, just can't handle this kind of thing well. The pain of trying to converse this way is wearing on me. If I weren't such a hopeless addict, I'd find something more productive to do with my time.

The Scheme...

dnm: I was intrigued by your comments on Scheme, and I found your project for the R6RS work. I have only recently discovered what an amazing thing Lisp (and particularly Scheme) is, but I've already come to love it. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know. I'd be very interested in participating however I can working towards the new report and/or standard.

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